Monday, June 4, 2018

4 Ways to Keep up with your Busy Toddler

Ever since Emmett was 6 month old he has been busy! The crawling, walking, and now running, this kid never sits still (let alone take a picture, see above lol). I really do love his energy level he's constant fun 24/7, but it can be overwhelming sometimes. But most days I feel really good keeping up with him and I'm really enjoying this stage. Of course, we have our off days and those are to be expected. But there have been a few things that I've found that keep us all in better spirits.

1. Plan: I'm not saying that you need to plan out all of these activities or trips. But having some sort of plan during the day has absolutely helped us manage a more productive day for. I also try to have some predictability in our everyday schedule. For example; we go on a morning walk every morning (for about 45mins-1 hours). It's no pressure on where we do it or at what time. But sometime in the morning and everyday. It get's me moving and Emmett outside which is all he ever wants. It's become such a routine for us and Emmett looks forward to it every morning. But it could be something as simple as having them play in the yard for a couple hours or whatever :)
2. Take advantage of parks: I know not everyone has a yard to play in but we love to take advantage of our local parks. Parks are FREE and perfect for busy toddlers. I also read that being outside helps for better naps (which I totally agree with). I would recommend looking around your area for a couple of your favorites and rotate between them in the week :) 
3. Play groups: I once heard that babies/toddlers don't "need" play groups until they are 3. When I read that I remember thinking "woah, something's wrong with my kid because he needs play groups now"... Haha! It might be more stressful for your toddler depending on their stage or it might be extremely helpful. It doesn't have to be some massive play group you can get together with one or two friends (this suits us better right now). But you never know until you try it. Finding friends with the same energy level as your toddler is nice too.
4. Mindset: I feel that changing my mindset and expectations have helped SO much. Emmett is pretty routine; sleep, eat, play, cool down, read, and then back to the beginning. Whenever he "acts up" it's either because he's tired, hungry, or needs to get his wiggles out. I have to make sure I'm constantly assessing the situation so I can figure out why he's frustrated. Which starts with me putting my agenda last, and for me to be more intuitive to what we are doing and how he is feeling. This helps all of us enjoy activities much more! 

I hope this was helpful and that you all have a great Monday :) 

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