Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Where I Get My Church Dresses

Over the years I've had the most success with the following stores listed below. I've been through cute little boutique that carry more modest clothes but I have found that most of the time the dresses won't last past a season. Which is a little disheartening especially when the dresses are a bit pricier just because they are more modest. What I've found to be true when shopping for clothes, but especially dresses is, if you want ALL three things: quality, style, and modesty (through the chest, sleeve, and length area) most of the time "you get what you pay for". Meaning if you're paying less than $30 of a dress your probably going to sacrifice on either style, quality, or modesty. Not always lots of stores can have amazing sales, but most of the time that's the case. Like the dress I'm wearing above, it's modest and stylish, but is lacking in quality. It's something I don't mind sacrificing because it's $26 and I can probably get it to last me at least a year. I've had ALL of my maternity dresses from ASOS last me two pregnancies! That's impressive to me!

Anyway, I've tried my best to find budget friendly options but there are a few dresses in this that are more investment pieces :) 


Under $100

Over 100



Other places I love to browse is Nordstroms Rack, TJ Maxx, Gap, Old Navy, and Downeast

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