Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday Recap

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I finally finished The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People this last week. I had started it a while ago but it took me forever to get through. I wasn't the most exciting audio and honestly probably one of the most "boring" books I've listened to in a long time. But I feel like I learned so much from it. I love audiobooks because there is no way I would read as many books as I've listened to in the past two years. Stephen Covey's 7 habits are all about how to better interact with people, and how we personally react to adversity. He implements trust and loyalty in every single habit, it might be why I"m so drawn to this book because I take loyalty and trust very seriously in my life. One of my favorite principles of the book is to "seek to understand before being understood," this principle speaks the most to me, probably because I know I need to practice this one the most. I love connecting with people in all ways whether it's a quick interaction at the grocery store, through social media, or with close family and friends. But I always feel more connected when I heard about how the other person is experiencing a situation and I put them before myself. I will probably listen to this book again because I tend to do that with books I really enjoy. I'm also thinking about doing a monthly book club. Where I just share what I'm listening to, you can read along with me, and I can interact more with all of you! :) I hope your week has been going great!

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