Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wednesday Recap

This past weekend we went to Utah to celebrate my brother and sister in law graduating (I mentioned it last week). But they graduated from BYU and UVU, but had just moved to Salt Lake, so we were in-between Provo and Salt Lake the whole weekend. It was fun bringing the kids backs to the town that we met. We went to BYU one day and just walked around campus and indulged in all the yummy treats we used to eat! Like graham canyon ice cream from the creamery and chocolate covered cinnimon bears. We loved being with family and the traveling was pretty great with the kids. 

I think I got a little confident with traveling with the kids this past weekend because I took them to disneyland twice... haha! Honestly, with Emmett being so active it's so much more work for me to have him in the house all day rather than taking him anywhere. He's got such high energy and although it's a lot to keep up with, I'm grateful for it. The kids did great yesterday but today as we were leaving things got a little out of hand. Poor Emmett was so tired, but he fell asleep in his stroller on our way back to the car, and him and ruby slept the entire car ride. 

This weekend will be pretty low key Wyatt and Emmett are going to a father and sons campout with our church. We are going to be going to San Francisco at the end of the month so these next few weekends should be pretty low key. I hope you all had a great Wednesday! 

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