Tuesday, May 1, 2018

My Favorite Places for Cheap Sunglasses

Outfit Details: Unfortunately, my exact pair of sunglasses are sold out but I got them from Urban Outfitters & I posted a similar option :)

With it being spring, and summer coming right up I knew I had to do a post on sunglasses. I am the worst at sunglasses. I'd like to say that it's my kids fault for always taking them off my face and dropping them, but I've had this problem loooong before they even existed. I've sat on, lost, and dropped almost 70% of my sunglasses. So, it's really hard for me to spend more than $30 on a pair. Obviously, the list I have below doesn't account polarized sunglasses. But If you're looking for cute accessories without breaking the bank, look below :)

ASOS: I was impressed by the quality of frames. I couldn't tell much of a difference between a couple of these from raybans.

AMAZON: I've got a few trendy ones off amazon and was always presently surprised!

URBAN OUTFITTERS: They are very similar to asos!

ANTHROPOLOGIE: They have a variety to choose from that are just over $30 and they also have really great sales on sunglasses too.

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