Thursday, May 3, 2018

How to Wear Black Jeans in the Summer

Outfit Details

I'm all about utilizing your entire closet year round, especially your denim! Denim is usually one of the pricier items in our closet and I don't think we need to discriminate. Obviously, there are certain pieces that aren't always appropriate. For example; a winter coat in 100 degrees weather or a speghittistrap dress in -10 degree weather. Those are no brainers! But I don't think black jeans are one of those no brainer items. Our black jeans can sit a little more in the grey area during the summer! Haha! But for the most part, you can still rock them in spring and summer depending on the weather where you live and what you pair them with. I'll list my top 3 rules on wearing black jeans in the spring and summer, to help you feel more comfortable wearing them year round!

1. Black jeans are always great to wear on date night. Usually, it's much cooler in the evening so you can never go wrong especially if you're looking for a more "edgy" look.

2. Make sure you pair it with a season appropriate top. Whether it be floral, striped, gingham (this is trending all season) or just a even a brighter color (yellow, pink, teal, etc). Also, if its really warm a short sleeve or tank top are great! If I choose a patterned top I always try to make sure the pattern has black already in it so it matches better, like I did above. :)

3. Accessorize. I would always wear sandals or any open toe shoes in the summer. You could pull off a mule or any slip on too. Also, try to pair with summer trendy jewelry, like statement earrings and bangles.

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