Monday, May 14, 2018

3 Tips for Postpartum Jean Shopping

Story time:
When Emmett was about 1 month old I was on a mission to find me some jeans to fit my "new" mom bod. I walked into forever 21 and tired on my Pre-pregnancy size, I was only about 7 lbs off from that weight anyway so I thought it would be a good gage. That was a bad idea, I couldn't get them past my thighs. I had Emmett in the stroller and he was sound asleep. I looked over at him sleeping so sweetly and at the jeans in my hands and just wanted to cry. I had a million postpartum emotions, I was adjusting to the sleepless nights and just trying to get out of the house. At the time just getting Emmett out of the house by myself was an adventure, then going to the mall to try on some clothes was apparently too much for me to handle. I was devastated that the jeans didn't fit and I was devastated that it took me 30 minutes to even leave my house. We ended up walking around the mall until he woke up and headed home empty handed. This little story taught me a few things #1 never try on jeans 1 month postpartum with the mindset that your body never changed! haha! But it also showed me not only do you change emotionally from having a baby but the physical change doesn't have to define you.  This last time around with Ruby, I was a little wiser in the trying on jeans department so I've come up with 3 helpful tips during this transition. 

1. Timing is everything: If you had your baby in the spring or summer I would highly advise staying away from jeans as long as possible. You can get away with short dresses that keep you cool for a long time depending on where you live. Even if you deliver in the fall or winter I would still suggest wearing more dresses and skirts during this first year.
I know that sound funny. But your body truly does change SO much in the first year of having a baby. I'm taking month to month for the entire year after you have your bundle of joy! You're loosing water weight from delivery, your uterus is shrinking, if your a nursing mom you may keep some extra love a little longer, or loose that extra love a little quicker. I had no idea how my body would react with my weight gain and ALL the hormones. But whether it's a few extra lbs up or down the scale, you don't want to have to buy multiple sets of jeans for short periods of time. Jeans are an investment if you want a good long lasting pair. So the closer you can wait to the 12 month mark the better because after that your more likely to maintain your current weight.

2. Mindset Matters: So, my little story above was all about mindset. I know you have probably see on social media pictures if women getting back to their pre-pregnancy weight within weeks after having their baby. Good for them! You might be the same way, but I can tell you first had that just because the number on the scale is the exact same as it was before you got pregnant does NOT mean your body didn't go through some crazy changes. I'm 9 months postpartum with my 2nd baby and hips are wider then they were before I ever had a baby. 

I always struggle when I hear phrases similar to "you will get your body back" you never hear someone say "you will get your emotions or mindset back" in reference to postpartum... because you wouldn't want it back. Motherhood is constantly refining, humbling, and enduring. Emotionally, my heart is changed forever after having my children and I wouldn't want to go back to a world where I didn't have them. How can I expect my physical body to not have some changes, it carried these babies. I think it's a more realistic to say "you can get back to pre-pregnancy weight," but it won't be the same body and that's perfectly good and ok!

3. Try them on at home: First off, I'm the kind of person that hates trying on clothes at the store because I get anxious. I always feel like people are waiting for me to get out of the stall. Also, if I try something on I hate I get in a bad mood. Not fun. So if I can avoid I will, and if I absolutely have to I will too. 

But I don't have any exception for jean shopping while I'm postpartum. I've ordered almost every pair of jeans that I've tried on after having Ruby. Now, if you do decide this is a good tip for you, I have to tell you, you MUST commit to returning the jeans that don't fit! I've accidentally held onto some shirts because I wasn't fully committed to returning and I've been stuck with them because it's too late! Haha! Otherwise, trying on jeans at home takes the pressure off of finding something perfect that day and you also get to try them on in the comfort of your own home. ***BONUS TIP! If you wrap around the waist of a pair of jeans around your neck and it touches its VERY likely they will fit you! I've done this at stores where I see a cute pair of jeans and don't have the time or patience to try them one and it's worked! 

I hope this post was helpful and that if you're postpartum you will take some of these tips the next time you are jean shopping! 

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