Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Nursing Mom Styling Tips

OUTFIT DETAILS: my top is sold out but very similar pattern & exact same fit linked :)

I've recently stopped nursing Ruby, but if there is one thing I've learned (style wise) these past almost 3 years is that, it is very difficult to find cute, functional, and versatile clothing to help mom's transition from prenatal and postpartum. So, I'm on a mission to provide you with my very best styling advice and tips on how to gracefully transition through these phases. Today I'm talking about "nursing style."
Now, you have to know you really can nursing in whatever you want to wear but there are certain items that can make it easier for you and your baby. Below are my tried and true styles. I hope you enjoy!

-Button up: A good button up can last you forever, through pregnancy and especially through nursing. Listed below are a couple more investment pieces for those that wanting something to last them multiple pregnancies, nursing babies, and even after. But also totally affordable/budget friendly options.



*Madewell has my favorite button ups!*

-Invest in a nursing bra: I learned the hard way. This is something I would have done the first time around if I would have know just how uncomfortable some cheap nursing bra's really were. I do know lots of women that don't need nursing bras but I have never been one of those! haha!

-Loose fitting top: Again these are a great transitional top, but also work amazing for nursing. It give room for baby to feed without being totally clinged to you on the inside.

-The lower cut: Obviously anything lower cut is closed to the "milk factory." The problem I found here was I wanted something lower without sacrificing my modesty. So here are some of my favorite tried and true lower cut tops.

-Stretchy neck: You don't need to necessarily need to have a lower cut top to make things work. Sometime a good stretchy neck can get the job done.

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