Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Favorite Jeans + Wednesday Recap

Good morning! I love talking about fashion and style but I think I'll assign Wednesday's as "recap Wednesday" were I can do a little weekly recap and any updating to keep it more personal on my blog :)

This week has been a pretty good week with the exception of this sickness me and the kids have (see my insta story for details @kristinacamillepadgett). We're sick at least twice a month around here, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's just a phase. Anyway, Ruby turned 9 months old yesterday and I just don't know where the time is going. It's crazy, I feel like the first 1-3-6 months of my babies life totally drags where I start thinking that they will be "in the tiny baby stage forever" then they turn 9 months and its like wait?? How are you so darn mobile? Why are you jabbering so much?! Stay this way forever! Haha!

Emmett has been loving life! He's seriously such an inspiration to me, he enjoys like 24/7. I love how excited he gets about the littlest things and he's such a light in our home. His energy is what keeps me so active, I know I've got to keep up with him and I'm seeing the blessing in that lately! ;)

It's been so fun watching Ruby and Emmett grow. I try my best to live in their sweet moments because despite the chaos, I love all of it. I love being their mom, the one that makes things better, the one they want to be comforted by, the one that gets their breakfast ready, and changes them for the day. I truly enjoy the little mundane things because it forces me to slow down. My perception of time has changed so much these past couple years and it's all because of them.

We have plans to stay home this weekend, Wyatt has some friends visiting from out of town and let's be honest, I have close to a million loads of laundry to do. I usually need Wyatt as a reinforcement with it over the weekends.

So moving onto these jeans, I've talked about these jeans on my insta stories and I really do love them! Nordstrom has them go on sale every once in a while I actually got a ripped pair for $40. These exact pair of jeans are actually on sale today! 50% off which means you can get them for $35! They have some stretch to them and they get better with every wear, which I just love! For more details on how the fit check out my saved stories on instagram @kristinacamillepadgett.

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