Monday, April 30, 2018

How to Make Baby Purees

Back when Emmett was 4 months old he started showing major interest in food. He was going through those store bought baby pouches and purees like crazy, and it got to be expensive. The cost alone is what sparked my interest in making his baby food. I enjoyed the process of making his purees and loved knowing exactly what was in them. But the downside was he "grew out of it" so fast. He only really enjoyed baby purees for 1 month, and then wanted food he could pick up and feed himself. Another down side to baby purees is spoon feeding. I'm a busy body so having to sit down and spoon feed feels like a real time suck... haha!
With Ruby I really wanted to try baby led weaning because I had heard so many good things about it, and not having to spoon feed sounded great! Well, we gave it a try but she could never quite get it down. We tried it for about a month and then I guess I just got impatient. So, we started giving her pouches and she loved it. She had a really hard time with the spoon so we gave in a 3 week break and she suddenly became a pro! I think a lot of it had to do with development.
Anyway, she's still eating pouches so I have to share the reusable pouches we use. Let me tell you guys, they are amazing! This post isn't sponsored in any way I really just love this product. These wee spout pouches are what we live by. They are easy to use, clean, and freeze. They are dishwasher friendly too. I also love the fact that homemade baby puree pouches last longer than store bought. I still use store bought baby food here and there but homemade is still my favorite. Now on to make baby food!

What you need-
  • Something to steam the food in. I use a pampered chef microwave steamer and a pot. It just depends what I have time for.
  • Something to blend the food in. You can use a food processor, I use a blender.
  • Reusable baby pouches or anything else you use to store baby food

  • Food: fruit and veggies... maybe some beans and meat :)
Some of my babies favorite combinations
With Ruby and Emmett we tried single foods to see if they had any allergies. I highly recommend doing so if you have any allergies in your family. But once you're in the clear with all of that here are some of my favorite combinations :)
  • blueberries, banana, and spinach
  • apples and sweet potatoes
  • broccoli and pineapple
  • peas, pears, and spinach
  • avocado and bananas
  • butternut squash and quinoa
  • black beans and rice
  • potatoes, peas, and corn
  • oatmeal and applesauce
  • black beans and zucchini
I hope this post was helpful if you are looking into making your own baby purees or gave you some other food combination ideas :)

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Finds Under $25

Welcome to my Friday finds! If you can't already tell, I'm doing a certain series on my blog so you can know what to expect to see content wise :) So for Friday's, I'll compile a list of my favorite things I've seen or used over the week. Whether it be fashion, home, beauty, or kid related, all between $0-$100. This week all of my finds will be $25 and under. I hope this series can spark some creativity and give you some honest reviews of items I've used!


I've smelled this so many times and LOVE it! They even price matched this exact size. Also I LOVE roller ball size perfumes because I love to change up my perfumes (I like variety) and then I'm not waisting any product :)

I'm actually wearing this exact mascara in my post but you cant really tell. It's one of my favorite mascaras!

If you guys have tried their lip balm, you know how amazing their products are. I've been dying to try this hand cream.


I'm a sucker for tortoise sunglasses! I have always loved the look and I'd love to try these on!

Have you guys seen the statement jewelry trend this spring? I'm not huge on statement jewelry, but I've been waiting to try a cute pair of earrings, so I just ordered these :)

This bracelet is just up my alley. Again, I'm not huge on statement jewlery but I think this bracelet has the cutest accents and colors, so fun for spring and summer.

I also could not have included a cute scrunchie in this post. I love that these are back in style, it's so 90's and I LOVE IT!


Adidas has such cute workout gear. Check out this cute top it comes in one other color too!

You guys know that I love Madewell button-up shirts but did you know that I love their t-shirts too. I love the way they fit! I have one very similar to this in a navy and cream stripe :)

Have you guys tried Zelle Athletic wear from Nordstrom? The leggings have changed my life and I'm not even exaggerating. My mother-in-law got me some for Christmas one year and I still wear them today! I'm obsessed. I didn't know they had socks but I'm sure they are just as good.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Dress Linked HERE

Mother's Day is just around the corner. I'm a huge believer in these two phrase "it takes a village," and "if you want to change the world, start at home" and neither would be such without mothers. I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many amazingly strong and beautiful women, to help me with raising my little family. It's that love and motherly influence that can change the world.

I'm also a huge believer that flowers and chocolate can make anyones day. Chocolate and flowers are usually my go-to gift for mother's day. Both of my mom's (my mom and mother in law) are HUGE chocolate lovers. But this year I wanted to switch it up a bit, and gift them something that will last them a little bit longer.

With gift guide posts, I hope to post them advanced enough to help give you ladies a little time and preparation to plan your gifts. This post, I'm talking about the perfect Mother's Day gifts in pricing categories. Below I have a $30 and under group, a $30-50 group, and a $50-100. I hope you are able to find something here you'd love to gift to the mom in your life :)

Gifts Under $30

Gifts $30-$50

Gifts $50-$100

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Favorite Jeans + Wednesday Recap

Good morning! I love talking about fashion and style but I think I'll assign Wednesday's as "recap Wednesday" were I can do a little weekly recap and any updating to keep it more personal on my blog :)

This week has been a pretty good week with the exception of this sickness me and the kids have (see my insta story for details @kristinacamillepadgett). We're sick at least twice a month around here, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's just a phase. Anyway, Ruby turned 9 months old yesterday and I just don't know where the time is going. It's crazy, I feel like the first 1-3-6 months of my babies life totally drags where I start thinking that they will be "in the tiny baby stage forever" then they turn 9 months and its like wait?? How are you so darn mobile? Why are you jabbering so much?! Stay this way forever! Haha!

Emmett has been loving life! He's seriously such an inspiration to me, he enjoys like 24/7. I love how excited he gets about the littlest things and he's such a light in our home. His energy is what keeps me so active, I know I've got to keep up with him and I'm seeing the blessing in that lately! ;)

It's been so fun watching Ruby and Emmett grow. I try my best to live in their sweet moments because despite the chaos, I love all of it. I love being their mom, the one that makes things better, the one they want to be comforted by, the one that gets their breakfast ready, and changes them for the day. I truly enjoy the little mundane things because it forces me to slow down. My perception of time has changed so much these past couple years and it's all because of them.

We have plans to stay home this weekend, Wyatt has some friends visiting from out of town and let's be honest, I have close to a million loads of laundry to do. I usually need Wyatt as a reinforcement with it over the weekends.

So moving onto these jeans, I've talked about these jeans on my insta stories and I really do love them! Nordstrom has them go on sale every once in a while I actually got a ripped pair for $40. These exact pair of jeans are actually on sale today! 50% off which means you can get them for $35! They have some stretch to them and they get better with every wear, which I just love! For more details on how the fit check out my saved stories on instagram @kristinacamillepadgett.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Nursing Mom Styling Tips

OUTFIT DETAILS: my top is sold out but very similar pattern & exact same fit linked :)

I've recently stopped nursing Ruby, but if there is one thing I've learned (style wise) these past almost 3 years is that, it is very difficult to find cute, functional, and versatile clothing to help mom's transition from prenatal and postpartum. So, I'm on a mission to provide you with my very best styling advice and tips on how to gracefully transition through these phases. Today I'm talking about "nursing style."
Now, you have to know you really can nursing in whatever you want to wear but there are certain items that can make it easier for you and your baby. Below are my tried and true styles. I hope you enjoy!

-Button up: A good button up can last you forever, through pregnancy and especially through nursing. Listed below are a couple more investment pieces for those that wanting something to last them multiple pregnancies, nursing babies, and even after. But also totally affordable/budget friendly options.



*Madewell has my favorite button ups!*

-Invest in a nursing bra: I learned the hard way. This is something I would have done the first time around if I would have know just how uncomfortable some cheap nursing bra's really were. I do know lots of women that don't need nursing bras but I have never been one of those! haha!

-Loose fitting top: Again these are a great transitional top, but also work amazing for nursing. It give room for baby to feed without being totally clinged to you on the inside.

-The lower cut: Obviously anything lower cut is closed to the "milk factory." The problem I found here was I wanted something lower without sacrificing my modesty. So here are some of my favorite tried and true lower cut tops.

-Stretchy neck: You don't need to necessarily need to have a lower cut top to make things work. Sometime a good stretchy neck can get the job done.