Tuesday, June 19, 2018

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep

I've never had any problems sleeping until I had my babies. But as my babies have been growing and developing their own sleeping patterns, it's showed me just how messed up my sleeping pattens have been these past 2 years. It was a combination of being a new mom and all the different changes in my life, where I felt like I was just in survival mode, haha! Definitely not the best mode for a woman that cherishes her sleep ;) I'm not a sleep expert, but I have to share what worked for me because since I've implemented these changes, I haven't had any of those sleeping problems I used to have. So, here it goes :) 

1. Have a routine: Having a sleep routine not only works for babies, but for adults too. Being consistent with the routine you choose to set is crucial. Try to have a few steps before bed (more than 2 steps) that you can do to help your body be aware of the transition to get ready for sleep. Try your best to do this as consistently as you can for a least 1 year (I know that seems ridiculously long but habits don't really stick until you've done them over 300 times), and if it's something you can successfully implement you'll see significant the changes after that year. It started becoming a natural habit for me after about 6 months. 
2. Exercise: This is huge. The day's I've have the worst or lack of sleep are days that I have no physical activity. Try to aim for at least 30 mins of activity a day. On my really busy days I try to to do at least a 20 min walk & then a deep clean in my house for at least 10 mins... because cleaning can really work up a sweat. haha!
3. Set a bedtime: We have an hour range for bed time. Obviously, this step is contingent on your schedule. Maybe some of you can have a 30 min window and others will have a 2 hour window. Just make sure you make it a realistic goal for you. 
4. Sleep away from electronics: I make sure to place all my chargers in my bathroom before I got to bed. I usually aim for at least 15 mins before bed, I'm working up to 30 mins before bed. This has been big for me too, the fact that everything gets shut off at a certain time helps me be consistent with my bedtime. 
5. Avoid eating at least an hour before bed: Having a light late night snack can help sometimes with cravings, but try not to make it a habit. It takes longer for your food to digest at night so sometimes it can keep you longer.

I hope these tips can serve you in having healthier and happier sleep habits! Thank you for reading! 


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts on a Budget

I've been a little MIA lately. I'm trying to figure out a new blogging schedule. I love sharing and documenting and even though I love blogging, I've decided to incorporate youtube. I've been thinking about this for a while but starting a youtube is a little bit scary, similar to when I started my blog. There is something about video that makes sharing much more vulnerable. But also with video explaining and helping others is easier and more tangible. It also holds more value in documenting for me, rather than just through pictures and text. So starting in July (or even a little sooner) my weekly recapping and life updates will be through my youtube page. But anything style related will probably stay here on the blog. Just bare with me through this little transition :) 
Moving right along to the blog topic of the day. Father's day is this Sunday, I actually did a lot of shopping last week in preparation for Father's day and Christmas actually (Christmas in June lol... I'll do a post on how I've started getting ready for christmas in June later). But I've definitely been in the position for last minute gift shopping before and sometimes it's unavoidable. With last minute gifts I feel like I'm more inclined to spend a little more money because I don't want to deal with the stress of searching. If you're in this situation, to help, I've compiled a list of my favorite father's day gifts that are affordable. You can order all of these from amazon or get them from a local target and get it all done by Sunday. I hope you enjoy :) 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What to Wear to Summer Weddings

June= wedding season, we were married at the end of June :) So I thought would be fitting to do a post on wedding guest attire. I know what a struggle it can be to find dresses that are more modest in the summer. I touched on this subject when I wrote about my favorite church dresses, and I have all those same problems finding something to wear to a wedding. There are a few quick questions I like to ask before I choose an outfit.
1. Is the wedding more casual or formal
- Always assess beforehand to make sure that you don't show up wearing something too casual or formal. Although I will say it's better to be a little overdressed than underdressed (in my opinion). 
2. How long will you be attending the wedding/indoor or outdoor?
-I always think about this for a couple reasons #1 the shoe situation and #2 whether or not you'll need a light jacket with your outfit.
3. White or NO white:
- I know it's a trend today to wear white as a guest and for the most part it seems to be fine. But I would always double check and then error on the side of no white than risk it.

Today, I have two dress options to choose from. The first are dresses for more formal weddings and the second are for more casual weddings. The casual are the bit nicer than something you'd probably wear around from day because they are wedding appropriate. A lot of these dresses are on sale, so if you've got a summer wedding to attend check it out! I hope you all have a great Wednesday :)


FORMAL OPTIONS (All under $140)

CASUAL OPTIONS (All under $100)

Monday, June 4, 2018

4 Ways to Keep up with your Busy Toddler

Ever since Emmett was 6 month old he has been busy! The crawling, walking, and now running, this kid never sits still (let alone take a picture, see above lol). I really do love his energy level he's constant fun 24/7, but it can be overwhelming sometimes. But most days I feel really good keeping up with him and I'm really enjoying this stage. Of course, we have our off days and those are to be expected. But there have been a few things that I've found that keep us all in better spirits.

1. Plan: I'm not saying that you need to plan out all of these activities or trips. But having some sort of plan during the day has absolutely helped us manage a more productive day for. I also try to have some predictability in our everyday schedule. For example; we go on a morning walk every morning (for about 45mins-1 hours). It's no pressure on where we do it or at what time. But sometime in the morning and everyday. It get's me moving and Emmett outside which is all he ever wants. It's become such a routine for us and Emmett looks forward to it every morning. But it could be something as simple as having them play in the yard for a couple hours or whatever :)
2. Take advantage of parks: I know not everyone has a yard to play in but we love to take advantage of our local parks. Parks are FREE and perfect for busy toddlers. I also read that being outside helps for better naps (which I totally agree with). I would recommend looking around your area for a couple of your favorites and rotate between them in the week :) 
3. Play groups: I once heard that babies/toddlers don't "need" play groups until they are 3. When I read that I remember thinking "woah, something's wrong with my kid because he needs play groups now"... Haha! It might be more stressful for your toddler depending on their stage or it might be extremely helpful. It doesn't have to be some massive play group you can get together with one or two friends (this suits us better right now). But you never know until you try it. Finding friends with the same energy level as your toddler is nice too.
4. Mindset: I feel that changing my mindset and expectations have helped SO much. Emmett is pretty routine; sleep, eat, play, cool down, read, and then back to the beginning. Whenever he "acts up" it's either because he's tired, hungry, or needs to get his wiggles out. I have to make sure I'm constantly assessing the situation so I can figure out why he's frustrated. Which starts with me putting my agenda last, and for me to be more intuitive to what we are doing and how he is feeling. This helps all of us enjoy activities much more! 

I hope this was helpful and that you all have a great Monday :) 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My Favorite Summer Sandals

I've accumulated quite the shoe collection over the years and did a huge decluttering last summer. Through all of that I've found that shoes are my weakness (first world problems, I know)...For some reason being more intentional with my closet has excluded my shoes... LOL!

I'm obsessed with the sandals they have out this season! One of my best friends gave me a huge tip with shopping for heeled sandals. She said to always try to find some with an ankle strap because it helps stabilize the ankle and makes it so much more comfortable. It's been a total game changer for me, therefore most of my heeled options have an ankle strap :) So, over the past few months I've been compiling some of my favorites and I'm excited to share them with you. I've got these categorized by store, then women's sandals, toddler boy, and girl sandals :) I hope you enjoy!



Women: Flat Sandals

Heeled Sandals

Toddler Boy Sandals

Toddler Girl Sandals


 Women: Flat Sandals

Heeled Sandals

Toddler Boy Sandals

Toddler Girl Sandals


 Women Sandals

Toddler Boy Sandals

Toddler Girl Sandals

Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday Finds: Memorial Day Sales

There are SO many sales going on this weekend! Memorial weekend is one of the best weekends of the year for discounts so today I'm going to list some of my favorite steals and deals :) I'm not sure if you've already heard but Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale, so lots of items are going for 40% off there. Old navy is having a 50% summer wear sale, banana republic is having a 40% off sale (don't forget to use the code), and Gap is having an online exclusive of 50% off of everything!

Wyatt and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary a little early this year, we are currently waiting for our flight to San Francisco. We found some really cheap plane tickets back during black Friday last year, so we've had this trip planned for some time. We are staying with some friends and are really excited. I cried last night putting the babies to bed and leaving this morning, keeping my fingers crossed that that's the last of my crying. But who knows this is our first time leaving our babies together but I'm glad they will get to spend some time with their Lola! I hope you all have a great memorial day weekend :) 

My Friday Finds
(don't forget to use the store's code for the percentage off :))