Monday, October 2, 2017

Ruby's Birth Story

***I'm actually writing this as I'm in the hospital because I want to remember this as best as I can!***

At my 40 week appointment we scheduled an induction date for Sunday July 23rd. 41 weeks exactly. I went late with Emmett so, I was expecting to have to be induced this time around too. I initially had this induction set for 7PM that night but they called me a few days before and changed it to midnight.  They told me I just needed to show up at that time and they would get me in.

So, at around 11PM that night Wyatt and I headed to Corkeys (a Denny's time diner...we keep it classy) and snagged some breakfast burritos. Last year we went to Ihop before my induction with Emmett, so I guess we're making this "our thing" haha. After "my last meal" we headed to the hospital. We got there a little after midnight and were ready to check in. It turns out they wanted me to call and check in before coming in (I didn't have to do that for Emmett's induction) so we waited for about an hour in the waiting room while they got a room ready for us. While we waited we watched some law and order, stared at pictures of Emmett, and guessed how big baby sister would be.

(Last night as a dad to

We got into a room around 1:30AM and by then I was tired. Wyatt and I tried to sleep before we even went to the hospital but we were too excited! :) They got me all set up, hooked up with the IV, took my vitals, and checked me. 

That surprisingly took a little while. That wrapped up at around 2:30AM. They told me that she had some meconium and that when I delivered she would need the NICU team there "just incase". They told me it was common especially for babies that are past their due date, but I immediately got emotional. I knew it could be nothing, but it's still not a fun thing to hear going into labor and delivery... Especially on little sleep.

At that check, I was 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced (nothing changed from my 39 week appt). They explained to me that they were going to use a pill (cytotec) to soften the rest of my cervix, it comes in 4 doses you take every 4 hours or so. Supposedly, the pill isn't supposed to induce labor but because it softens the cervix some women begin to experience more contractions. They gave me my first dose around 3:30AM and I started feeling contractions within the first 30 minutes. In about 2 hours I went from being 1.5 cm dilated to 6 cm. The doctor came in, checked me, and broke my water at about 6:30AM and thats when the contractions started getting intense... I told myself I wanted to see how long I could go until I needed the epidural because I hardly felt contractions with Emmett. I was induced with Emmett and felt that I got my epidural pretty early because I was afraid to feel too much pain (plus I heard pitocin contractions hurt worse and I immediately got on pitocin with Emmett.) But this time around, as soon as I felt them I knew I wasn't missing out on anything! Haha! The pain was intense and fast. I knew I wanted to save my energy... Plus I wanted a nap! Haha! I got the epidural around 8AM. It was a much better experience than with Emmett. With Emmett I could feel the epidural clear up to my shoulders and couldn't even lift my legs. Now, I just felt it from my belly down and could still lift my legs. It was amazing. I went from being incredibly exhausted to taking a sweet nap! :)

Around 10 AM they checked me and I was 8cm dilated they expected me to be further along so they finally got me on some pitocin. Then around 11AM they checked me again and I was fully effaced and 9 cm dilated. Around 11:30AM I started feeling a LOT of pressure. Again, this was so different than Emmett because when I was this far along in labor, I could virtually feel everything. I had stopped pressing the "epidural button" about 5 hours before actually delivery (because of the strength). So, I could feel the pain and pressure. Now, all I could feel was pressure... NO pain. But I still had the urge to push, and it only seemed to be getting stronger so I told the nurse. She checked me and sure enough I was fully dilated and baby sister was crowning. The nurse told me to hang tight and not to push until she brought the doctor and NICU team back. She left and all I wanted to do what push this baby out. But she quickly came back in with the NICU team and said the doctor was on his way... He was just finishing up with a c-section.

I did a couple pushes with the nurse, but again she told me to hold it until the doctor came. I was like "I literally can't hold anything," and right as I was saying that the doctor came in. I had this instant relief when he came in but I swear it took him 5 mins to get his gown and gloves on. Once I saw him get his gown on I started pushing, he came a few moments later, told me to give it a "good push". I gave it 2 "good pushes" and she was out! Ruby Grace Padgett was born on July 24, 2017 and 11:52 AM.

They had Wyatt quickly cut the umbilical cord quickly and then she was instantly placed with the NICU team. I had that "I just pushed out a brand new baby high" and couldn't stop crying. I was happy, sad, excited, and anxious all at once. I just wanted to hold her. But we watched and listened as the NICU team cleaned her up and she cried. A few minutes after they got all the menconium cleaned up they handed her to me and she immediately latched. It was the best feeling ever. 

I was staring at her while she nursed and she looked familiar, like I've known her all along. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. She looked different than Emmett and SO girly! I looked at Wyatt and we still didn't have a "for sure" name for her, so I said... "What should we name her?" He looked at me and said "she looks like our little "Roobers" (we tossed around the name Ruby and said how cute Roobers would be for a nickname) & sure enough she looked exactly like a Ruby with her rosy red cheeks. Ruby Grace Padgett, just fit her perfectly. I still can't believe there are 4 of us in our little house. My heart is so full <3

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