Monday, July 10, 2017

39 Week Pregnancy Update

Size: Just over 7 lbs; the size of a pumpkin

-I feel like I have carpal tunnel in my hips and hands. My doc said that sometimes women experience the swollen aches in their feet but it's just as common to feel it in your hands. 
-Finishing up my "nesting." All I have left to do is pack my hospital bag, I've been putting it off because I know I'll really be ready for her to come once that's done. 

Weight Gain: 40 lbs

Sleep: I have insomnia! Can't figure out if it's from having to pee 3X's a night or I'm just not able to sleep like I normally do because I'm huge! haha. It's probably a combination of both. 

Worst Moments: I said this in the last post, that I'm really starting to feel the physical toll of 2 back to back pregnancies. I feel like an old lady with my hips and the fact that I can't just get up when I want because of all the pressure "down there". I'm interested to see how my body handles post partum because I feel like I never really got the full "post partum experience" with Emmett. Ya know, getting pregnant 8 weeks after having him and all. Haha. I just hope that I'm not this sore. 

Best Moments: Fortunately, at my last appointment my doctor said that I was progressing. She said I'm about 1 1/2 cm dilated and about 70% effaced. She said that if by next week, I'm officially 2 cm dilated we can set up an induction for whenever if that's what I want to do. I'm not totally sure if I want to be induced. Of course, I'd love to go into labor naturally, but I also don't want to be pregnant for the next month! So we shall see :) 

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