Monday, July 3, 2017

38 Week Pregnancy Update

These past few weeks have just flown by. We had little sister's baby shower (thank you so much for everyone who came), we moved into our house, and Wyatt and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Although this pregnancy wasn't as "easy" as Emmett's I still feel like I lucked out with this one. Despite the morning sickness and my herniated belly button... Overall, I've had a really healthy pregnancy. I'm trying to find the positive in being this huge because I know I'll miss some aspects of it when  I hope that it continues through labor and delivery.

Size: She's the size of a leek and weighs about 6.8 lbs

-I've completely stopped swelling in my legs and feet and now it seems like it's all gone to my face.
-I'm officially lactating again... Started doing this around 35 weeks. Lol. I remember doing this around the same time with Emmett and thinking it was the weirdest thing. It still is. haha!
-Still have motion sickness but not nearly as bad
-LOTS of pelvic aching, just because she is down so low
-I pee just about every hour
-Still pretty "nesty" but we are just about done preparing for her! We'll probably be all ready to go after this week :)
-Slight fatigue. I will get tired during the day but I'm still pretty functional even if I don't get a nap, which was total opposite of when I was in my last trimest with Emmett. I NEEDED naps with him! haha

Weight Gain:
23 lbs total

Pretty much the same as my last update because I'm constantly peeing during the night.

Best Moments:
Getting everything ready for her arrival. I am so excited to have another newborn in our home. They are straight from heaven and I am excited to cherish those moments with her and to get my constant cuddles again!

Worst Moments:
Realizing I have stretch marks. I am carrying this girl totally different than how I carried Emmett. I could feel it from the 1st trimester. With Emmett I only got 2 stretch marks but I had SO MUCH sciatica nerve pain, it was awful. But this time around I've have NO sciatica nerve pain (which is great) but have gotten more stretch marks. I'm carrying her so much lower and  it's so heavy on me "down there" it still amazes me how different each pregnancy can be. I can really feel the impact on my body of have two pregnancies so close together.

Cravings: OATMEAL. I craved this at the end of my last pregnancy into my first 2 months pp. I think this has something to do with my milk production too haha

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