Friday, June 2, 2017

9 Months

(I wrote this post a month ago! I've been seriously struggling with his update posts. Haha! ) 

I must say this has been my favorite stage so far. He has so much personality and is always making us laugh. Granted, it comes with it's own challenges. When he's awake he's *go go go* but it's still so fun. I think the best way to describe Emmett is, he's like one of those wind up toys. When he wakes up he's ready to play but when it's time for a nap that kid is completely out! Haha! He has 6 teeth, loves to push anything that will go with him, whether he's crawling or walking. He loves his crib and blankey. His favorite toys are his Pooh Bear, his walker, and any ball! He also got his very first haircut. I feel like Emmett has developed so much this past month. I say that every month, but especially this month when it comes to communication. He understands so much more and we just love it!

Emmett drinks about 3 bottles max a day, 6 oz in each bottle. He has one in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day, and he gets one before bed. Other than that he's eating all of our table food. He hasn't eaten baby purees since he was about 7 months (he boycotted them). He likes to feed himself, and would prefer me to hand him his food and let him do it, as opposed to being spoon fed, and he will even try to spoon feed himself (that gets really messy).  Foods he eats most are; yogurt, fruit (all fruits), softer veggies (cooked broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes), sandwiches, pancakes, eggs, cheerios, beans, and chicken. Emmett can also be an overeater. Even if he's already eaten, he will act like he's starving if anyone around him is eating so you'll share with him (it's funny how they can already start to work you when they are infants lol). Meaning he WILL overeat if I allow it. He's been this way since he was born, so I really have to pay attention to his food intake. If he's fed too much food he will throw it up, an hour or so later, rather than stop eating it. That saying "oh babies stop eating when they are full", doesn't apply to my son. Haha!

Emmett is still averaging about 16-17 hours of sleep a day (crazy I know, but I'll take it). He really just loves sleeping. He's still kind of on a 3 nap a day schedule. He will sleep 12 hours though the night 7:30PM-7:30AM, then have a nap around 9AM for about anywhere from 1.5-2 hours (2.5-3 hrs on a good day), another nap around 1:30 for another 1.5-2 hours, and then his last nap of the day around 5PM for 45 min-1hr. He is VERY consistent that way. The morning and afternoon naps can differ in time here and there, and sometimes he can miss a nap one of those and be pretty good for the day. But his late afternoon power nap is pretty essential to him sleeping though the night. If he goes down for a "power nap" anytime after 5:45 he WILL wake up around 8PM and then wake up again in the middle of the night. He is the most predictable kid when it comes to sleep. So, we try to make sure he gets that power nap every day :)

-Speed crawling
-Standing and taking a few steps at a time. He's not full walking yet, but it's cute to see a couple steps here and there.
-Climbing stairs like a pro, he can go down them but it's always a little scary to watch because he wants to go too fast.
-Doing things on command vs. showing him. Because he's understanding better, we can tell him to do stuff and he'll copy rather than us showing him and him copying that way.
-He's still very friendly. The only time he ever really gets "stranger danger" is when he is overly tired. He favors me and Wyatt when he is fussy, but 99% of the time he loves everyone and everything.
-He understands "no"
-Says: mama, dadda yaya, baba, gaga... and lots of gibberish 
-He knows when we are hiding something from him
-Loves peekaboo
-Can throw a ball, not really well but pretty good (with both hands)
-Loves to pick up every little thing with his finger and thumb

Growth: Not sure about weight and height. He has his 9 month appt coming up soon. But he is mostly in 2T/24 month clothes.

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