Tuesday, June 27, 2017

10 Months

(pretending he's talking on the phone, haha)

(blowing kisses)

I'll have a 1 year old in just a little over a month! I can't believe it :) Emmett has 7 teeth right now and working on that 8th. I kinda wonder when this whole teething thing will die down so we get a good break from the drool. Keeping my fingers crossed that after we get that bottom 4th tooth we'll get a drool break! Haha! Anyway, I feel like his personality is just coming out more these days. He's such a friendly, happy, and silly boy. I figured he's be getting some stranger danger by now, but this kid is the total opposite. Not an ounce of it in him. He loves to wrestle with dad, give kisses all day long (even to people he doesn't really know), EAT, throw balls (and anything that get his whole hand around), books (his favorite is an Easter book that he's been playing with since before Easter haha). His hair is dirty blonde and getting so much thicker. I'm glad he didn't end up being a bald baby like I was! I didn't get hair until I was almost a year so hopefully his sister will have hair too (fingers crossed).

Sleeping: Still our great little sleeper. He's finally on a 2 naps a day schedule for the most part. He has his days where he gets a quick 30 min nap at the end of the day but the 2 naps are pretty consistent. Still sleeping from 7-7:30PM- 7-7:30AM.

Eating: Still eating great. He eats 3 meals a day and has a snack here and there. Only has a bottle twice a day. Morning and night.  He is really weaning himself off bottles these days. He's way more interested in his sippy cup or regular cups. He likes to drink out of our hydroflasks too, which is funny. He has also almost entirely weaned himself off of his binky too. He only uses it for a couple mins to fall asleep and then he usually tosses it out of his crib. 90% of the time I will find it outside of his crib in the mornings, I've even seen him toss it out of his crib before he falls asleep haha!


-He started walking just 2 days after he turned 10 months old and he is now almost running! Haha
-He points at everything and he does this thing where he leans his head on his shoulder and points and we think it's so cute and funny!
-He's throwing all of his toys
-He can drink from a cup really well
-He's imitating words. He's been doing sounds for a while but the words have caught us off guard a little. It sometimes sounds like he's totally copying us when he mumbles.
-His 3 favorite words are dadda, mamma, and ba/ball
-He tries to spoon feed himself, not very successfully but he gets close sometimes.
-He is understanding when we communicate to him. Usually with phrases such as; "Get the ball", "throw the ball", "where is your book?", "where is pooh bear?", things like that. Then he will bring them to us.
-Although he's so busy. He'll finally snuggle up to read with me in the mornings and snuggle me in-between play time <3

Growth: Again not totally sure. He's totally thinning out since he's been walking. But he's still wearing the same sizes as last month :)

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