Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Easter

Before I became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter Day Saints I never really understood Easter. I went 20 years not really knowing or understanding Chris’s resurrection. It's crazy for me to think about that because I can't imagine not having a relationship with Christ now as I have become a wife and a mother. Having a relationship with Christ has been such a blessing in my life and I love remembering Him during this season. This Easter meant a lot to me as I got to spend it with my little family and soak in the love I feel for my Savior. I'm happy that I get to share my knowledge of Christ with my children and help them build a relationship with Him, the prince of peace. 
Yesterday, we had a good time a church and Emmett took great naps. He’s only 8 months old so he can’t really go hunting for easter eggs yet, but he loved to crawl in the grass and play with whatever eggs he could get a hold of. The few eggs that we got him I just filled with goldfish snacks. He loved to shake them around. He also had his first peep yesterday (not the healthiest snack but it didn't kill him lol). He wasn't a huge fan and thought it was a toy! Haha! It was just so fun to have his cousins over too. Watching them all was the best! I can’t wait until next year when he has his baby sister to help him hunt for eggs. :)


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