Tuesday, April 18, 2017

27 Week Update

How far along: 27 weeks and 3 days

Size: She is the size of a bunch of bananas; weighing almost 2 lbs

Symptoms: Pretty much the same symptoms in the past 2 weeks. We did a lot of walking these past couple weeks and I noticed that my feet were starting to swell, not much just if I'm on my feet a lot. They will feel thicker... If that makes sense, Wy says he can't tell (but I can). I feel like I spend half of my day peeing. I can't drink more than a few sips of water without having to go to the bathroom, it's pretty ridiculous. This is definitely something I won't miss after I have her. But other than that, I feel her kicking all the time. It's cute until she gets up under my ribs! haha! 

Weight Gain: I've gained 4 lbs in the last month! :) So I'm at a total of 8 lbs for this pregnancy.

Sleep: Sleep is still going pretty good. I'm only waking a couple of times during the night which is better, and it's mostly just to pee. I'm still trying to take advantage of myself not being as tired as I was first trimester, because I know how fast it comes back on for me my 3rd trimester.

Best Moments: I had my anatomy scan right around 25 weeks. They found a spot on her heart, so I had to come back the following week for a follow up with the doctor. I was pretty stressed out about it because they said if it is a certain type of spot it could be linked to down syndrome. Fortunately, we went back and the spot was gone so there was so reason to have any further testing. But that news has definitely been the best. We did go to Disneyland, San Diego, and Las Vegas the week prior and that was a lot of fun.

Cravings: Nothing in particular. But I'm a lot more hungry now which is great so I'm eating everything in sight! :)


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