Tuesday, April 4, 2017

25 Week Pregnancy Update

How far along: 25 weeks and 2 days. Better to start these updates now rather than never ;)

Symptoms: I’ve mentioned before my first trimester was pretty hard for me, since Emmett’s pregnancy was basically a dream. But around 16 weeks I started not being so nauseated, which was great. It’s just been since the past month that I've really gotten my energy back.
For example: My first trimester I would sleep like 10 hours though the night and STILL need a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day to function, but now I can function great on just 10-8 hours of sleep without a nap! It makes me feel like en entirely new woman! haha! 

Right before I found out I was pregnant again, I saw a doctor about my herniated belly button. It wasn’t until then that I realized that I actually had one, but it never caused me pain so the doctor said it was fine until it started to constantly bulge or caused a lot of pain. 

Fast forward to February when I started to really show… My belly button was bulging all the time and I was in constant pain whenever I’d pick anything up (especially picking Emmett up). Well I finally asked my doctor about it and she said it because of the hernia, she advised me not to pick up anything especially Emmett as much as I could avoid. She did warn me that it might cause more pain the bigger my belly got and told me that I would have to get surgery postpartum. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to but I guess the fact that is already causing me pain dictates that I will need the surgery. She did tell me to get a belly band to help it from constantly sticking out and she said it should help reduce some pain, and it's totally helped :)

Weight Gain: So far I’ve only gained 4 lbs. It was shocking for me to find that out, because with Emmett this time I had already gained like 15 lbs. My doctor said that it was on the lower side and that she wanted me to be eating more protein. She said by next week she hopes to see that I've gained a little more. 

Sleep: Sleep has been going good this past week because my cold/allergies have subsided. It was awful for a couple weeks because I was getting up every 2 hours (it was like having a newborn w/o the newborn) because I couldn’t breathe and I was up constantly. Asthma and runny noses don’t really mix. 

Best moments: Feeling like I can somewhat handle life again. I’ve felt like pregnancy has been crippling these past 4 months so it’s nice to not feel like I need a nap constantly. 

Feeling her kick ALL the time. I felt her for the first time around 16 weeks and Wyatt felt her for the first time around 18 weeks. But lately we can feel her all the time and I love it. I didn’t realize how much I had missed that feeling <3

Cravings: Smoothies, grapefruit, and oatmeal. I have those 3 things almost every single day.


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