Friday, March 31, 2017

7 Months

I wrote this post almost 3 weeks ago because Emmett turned 7 months about 3 weeks ago... #momfail! haha! But I figured I'd better get this up before he turns 8 months because I love remembering his growth and development.

I've finally taken him to his 6 month check up, this past month! Haha! Took me long enough, but we we're getting things with our insurance all figured out. Fortunately, all of this shots weren't that bad. I mean he cries once he gets them which breaks my heart but as soon as we get in the car he falls right asleep so it's really not too bad. We love his new doctor! He loved Emmett too, it was his last patient of the day so they got to play and it was cracking me up! As his doctor was leaving he actually gave Emmett a big hug, and goes "I'm so glad we was my last patient" so tender. I guess Emmett has that way with people :) He's a chunky happy little bugger! Emmett also got his first two teeth this past month, I felt like they took long enough. At Emmett's 4 month appt the doctor in Utah said they should be coming "any day now" haha... I guess that could mean any month now too.
Anyway, we tried cloth diapers this past month. I wanted to try them because while Emmett's teeth were cutting he had a mean diaper rash, and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I heard it might come from diapers and that cloth were not only helpful in the sensitivity department but they could be a cheaper alternative! I was desperate because that rash was awful, I mean he even had a rash on his cheeks. Fortunately, right before my shipment of cloth diapers came in Emmett's rash started to subside, so it was more of a teething rash for him rather than a material rash. But I was still so interested in trying the diapers :) I'm definitely no expert, luckily I have a girlfriend that is! It was all so complicated when I tried looking into it online, but she made it so much easier for me to try. Her name is Makenna (@makenna.kath on instagram) she's so incredibly helpful!
My experience in short...They were actually extremely convenient, super absorbent, and totally cute! Honestly, poop isn't even that bad. Makenna gave me a trick for it so it was totally doable. The only downside to me was how thick the diapers were. I was probably just naive to the whole thing so I wasn't expecting it. Emmett's got some junk in the trunk, so it's already a tight fit to get some pants over his bum, but I couldn't even get his 18 months pants on because they are that "fluffy"/bulky! I mean the bulk makes sense and like I said the absorbency is amazing. They just made Emmett go up at least 1 size for everything due to the way they fit. Emmett is already a thick baby we don't need him in 5T clothes! Haha. So, I didn't think it was totally feasible for us. Mama can't keep buying more clothes, $20 cloth diapers (I was not a fan of the cheaper ones), and prep for a new baby all at once! Overall, I'd totally keep using the ones I have because they are great for around the house and the laundry for it is actually really easy. But as of long term I don't think it is for us. But I totally recommend it for people to try because I was pleasantly surprised :)
Other than that, Emmett's been crawling and climbing onto everything. He likes to chase me around the house. I'll place him down to play and once he hears me walk away he thinks I'm playing with him and crawls to my feet. His hair is coming in thicker and longer, it goes over his ears now but I don't want to trim it haha. Emmett is chunky but I wouldn't necessarily say he's a fat baby, because he's actually really strong. The doctor said he was "really sturdy"... Lol! So he can go go go and never get tired or hurt because he just wants to play. He's also so naturally friendly, like he doesn't need to "warm up" to anybody. He's so sweet and silly with anyone even complete strangers. For 3 weeks straight he would spend most of this time playing with his toys at my feet because he like to make sure that I'm there. Now he's crawling everywhere and grabbing everything. He has a very active and happy personality and we love every bit of it!

Sleep: We have moved Emmett into a crib. Since Emmett was born we have moved 3... Soon to be 4 times so we never got him a crib. It was only until recently we decided it was a necessity because he was doing really well in his pack n play (the change was mostly for me, I'll go over that in my pregnancy update). But he loves it. We actually got the crib all set up on daylight savings and he slept great like always. Like I mentioned, Emmett got his first two teeth about a week after his 1/2 birthday. Naps were rough for 2 days, but his night time sleep didn't change (through teething and daylight savings). I feel so grateful with the way Emmett sleeps but I also don't feel like I just "lucked out with a good baby." I feel that it has a lot to do with how we've sleep trained him so I will have that post up next week. I've been reluctant to post it just because I know so many people have opposing opinions, but the questions I've received on how we sleep trained are countless. I'm still getting emails on it and doing a post will answer all of the questions and be more convenient! I also think it will be easier to refer to. So that post will be up this next week :) 

Eating: Everything in sight. Emmett is a fun a silly baby, but there is one thing we don't mess with and that is meal time. He'll have a physical breakdown (shakes and all) if you joke around while feeding. I literally don't know any other baby that looks like him and acts that way towards food (he acts like he's malnourished... it's VERY dramatic), and he's been this way since he was born haha! I will definitely tell his future wife and kids about this because it's unreal, haha! So, since Emmett has gotten a couple teeth nothing is stopping him! He drinks about 5 oz of milk 4/5 times a day. But is loosing interesting in the bottle, would rather drink form a sippy or a big boy cup. He won't eat baby purees it's literally the only thing he refused to eat. The baby puree phase only lasted like 1 month. So now he usually eats, sandwiches, pasta, soup, rice, smoothies, chicken, turkey, anything really!

-Got his two bottom teeth. (We think those bottom two are the cutest, so we secretly don't want any more of his teeth to come in.)
-Pulling himself up into standing position will walk when assisted. So, that means there is A LOT of falling down around here. He's very determined so he'll run into things, bonk his head, and fall over. All. The. Time. But he'd rather do that than lay there or sit. It's a good thing he harley ever cries over it. 
-Sleeping in his crib
-Crawling and Standing
-He loves to "bang" and "pat" things. It's kinda weird when you watch him but you can tell it's apart of his sensory processing. It makes me laugh when he does it in excess! :) (he's ALL boy)
-Picking pieces of food up with his fingers and putting them in his mouth. This was big one considering how important food is to him haha (chunk)
-He loves playing with balls, he like us rolling the balls to him. Still working on rolling the balls to us, be he definitely tries.

Growth: At his appointment almost a month ago he was 28 1/2 inches long, 22.9 lbs, and in the 90th percentile for everything. Wearing 18-24 month clothes.


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