Wednesday, January 18, 2017

5 months

(where does he think he's going? haha)

SO much has happened to our little family this past month I haven't been able to keep up. But here's a little update.
I'm officially out of my 1st trimester *hallelujah*. Oh...I'm pregnant again, if you didn't know (post on that soon). We moved back to California. Wyatt has started his internship. Emmett turned 5 months! Emmett also got sick over the weekend and we took him into urgent care. Thankfully, he had great vitals and but the doctor said he was starting to get some baby bronchitis, so no prescriptions we just got him a humidifier and it's worked amazing :)

Sleep:  Oh... I pray that our next baby will be an angel sleeper like Emmett. I feel like we really lucked out with this kid or maybe he got sent down extra sweet because we are having two babies 11 months apart? haha! It will definitely be a hard adjustment if baby #2 doesn't sleep like him. Haha! But hey, we'll deal with that when the time comes. Emmett is still sleeping through the night anywhere from 10-12 hrs. He is really fond of 6 AM, he'll wake up at 6 AM no matter what time we put him down. Luckily, we are all early riser in this house, so it's  not that bad. He sleeps about 15 hours a day, so depending if I want to nap more in the day I'll try to put him down later. But if we're busy all day or especially on Sunday's I try to get him down earlier, so he doesn't necessarily need as many naps. He is also leaning more towards 2 longer naps a day rather 3. 

Eating: About a week before I found out I was pregnant I saw a noticeable difference in my milk supply. I thought it might have been due to our sleep schedule, but that just didn't add up because I still had so much milk even after Emmett was sleeping 12 hrs though the night. Then I thought "well, maybe I'm regulating or just drying up." I knew my mom wasn't able to nurse very long and I figured that was happening to me... Up until Emmett started doing this thing where he would "pop off of me", it was the weirdest thing. Emmett never stops eating so it was very strange behavior. 
But when that started happening is basically when I started feeling pregnant, so I took a test...Well more like 5 tests and all came out positive. I'll post more on that story later but I talked to my doctor and she said that can happen when you get pregnant while nursing. Sometimes the baby has no interest in nursing anymore w/the hormones. I mean it was nice in that Emmett wasn't "missing the boob" necessarily. But I had weird feelings about it, I felt guilty that my body was already catering to my new baby instead of Emmett. I worried that he wouldn't be getting the "same nutrition," or that he might loose weight. But that clearly wasn't the case and the irrational mommy guilt lasted a few days and then I was over it. Haha! 
I actually really like formula w/the exception of the smell. Fortunately, Emmett takes a bottle great and never had a problem drinking formula. He's just not a high maintenance baby, especially when it comes to food. So that means we have him completely on formula now. Emmett did had some tummy problems around 4 months because he was eating so much, the doctor told me to give him prunes to see how that helps. Well, it helped immensely and he's now regular and going at least once a day :) He has a bottle around 6/7 times a day and then I give him oatmeal cereal with prunes and pears 3/4 times a day.  after his bottleSince he has been regular the past week or so I decided I wanted to incorporate more food into his diet since he seems to be EXTREMELY interested. I'll let you all know how that goes. 

-He is officially mobile, he has no desire to stay in one place at any point in time.
-He's not hands and knees crawling so I can't really say he's a "crawler" but he's definitely "army crawling"! It's actually pretty cute too!
-He sits up by himself for a good minute if he doesn't try to grab everything around him, otherwise... falls right over.
-One of my favorite things about him is that he is so easy to make laugh, there really isn't anything that he doesn't laugh at. No exaggeration. Try him haha
-Still loves the bath, I think more so now that he can play with his toys in the tub.
-He is still just as social if not more.
-Food makes him the happiest, close 2nd's are: being around a lot of people and army crawling.
-He talks all the time and has started to say "da da" he has no idea what it means but he says it all the time.
-He is noticing when I leave his sightline... lol
-Still no teeth, but I'll soak it up because I hear mom's really complain when the teeth come in... & let's be real, I've got enough to complain about (pregnancy w/and infant... ;) lolz) But the amount of drool he's been accumulating could probably put California out of it's drought. 
-He's been drinking out of a sippy cup and loves it.
-He knows his name :) 
-He likes prunes, pears, mangos, and oatmeal cereal. 

Dislikes: Being sleepy, tired, or HUNGRY. Getting his face wiped.

Growth: I only know his weight because he just got weighed when we went to urgent care. So he's 19.8 lbs (so much for me thinking he might lose weight haha) and I have no idea for all the rest because he doesn't have another doctor appt until he's 6 months :)

ps- pretend that I actually circled the 5 on the pictures, totally spaced on it! haha


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