Thursday, December 8, 2016

4 Months


I love these updates because it's crazy to see how much Emmett is changing from month to month. He is STILL a total mini Wyatt! From his little chin to his mannerisms, it's crazy how alike they are. I feel like the only thing he got from me was my lips... haha. Whenever we're out and about I'm always getting "what a happy baby he is" and "those chunky cheeks!" He will play with anyone and flirt flirt flirt until he's hungry hahah. He does have a more independent personality. He is always trying to hold the bottle by himself. It gets frustrating because it's not like he can actually hold it up for long and he'll get mad if my hand is in way, like he'll dig his nails into me until I move my hand. Emmett is also really predictable, and has a very even temperament. Fortunately, he's been this way since he was born... I just hope that stays forever! Haha!!

Eating: We started giving him rice cereal a few weeks ago and that has been going great! He has finally regulated with eating (at least for the time being), he was crazy last month and I think that's what contributed to that growth spurt. He now eats about 35-40 ounces a day, 6-7 feedings a day w/no night time feedings. He will usually eat about 6 ounces every feeding, and some rice cereal.

Sleep: He is officially sleeping 12 hours straight though the night. Hallelujah! Haha! We even went on vacation for about 9 days over thanksgiving and his naps were off here and there. Go figure, we were traveling like 5/9 days, but surprisingly his nighttime sleep wasn't effected at all. The kid was still sleeping through the night. I pray that it still holds up though our move in like 10 days.

I'm still getting emails on how I sleep trained Emmett, and part of me would love to just do a blog post for you ladies, I'm just reluctant because I'm not an expert at all. Haha! But we'll see :)
But I'll share the schedule I currently have him on. I've had him on this schedule this past month, and I'll probably keep it until he's least 6 month. He is taking about 3 naps a day which really works for us.
  • Nap #1--8:30AM-10:30AM
    • 10:30-12:00- Change diaper, feed, and play
  • Nap #2--12:00-2:30PM
    • 2:30-4:00PM- Change diaper, feed, and play/(If I have errands I'll usually run them here)
  • Nap #3--4:00-5:30PM
    • 5:30-7:00PM- Change diaper, feed, and play
  • Bedtime--7:00PM-7:00AM 
    • 7:00AM-8:30AM- Wake up, change diaper, feed, and play 

Likes: Pretty much everything from last month and a few new things...

  • Dad's facial hair- because it tickles
  • PEOPLE & flirting!! I never thought babies could be flirty, but Emmett is already ridiculous. It makes me slightly worried for when he gets older but we'll deal with that when the time comes. Haha! 
  • Tummy time. He won't stay on his back long unless he's milk drunk. I think he like's it because he feels like he's more mobile that way.
  • His LEFT side: He will ONLY roll on his left side. It's the weirdest thing, he literally refuses to do anything on his right side. If anything is ever in his right hand or right related it's because I put it there haha. I will even move all of his toys to his right side and he will just look at them and then roll on his left. 
  • Sitting up- He loves his Bumbo seat

Dislikes: Not chewing on something- I sometimes call him a zombie baby because he's teething and acts so crazy! The drool and chewing is out of control sometimes and he doesn't even have teeth yet.

Milestones: Scooting, rolling from back to tummy, can sit up in his bumbo seat, can sit up for just a few seconds before face planting, and sleeping 12 hours through the night is a huge milestone in our household!

Growth: 17.6 lbs 27 in. Wearing mostly 9 month clothes and some 12 month. Size 3 diapers.

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