Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Winter Wedding's: Guest Attire

I'm not much of a winter person but I absolutely LOVE winter weddings. They are so timeless and romantic. But I also know how difficult it can be to find something both cute and warm to wear.  I've compiled some styles and items I feel work great for winter weddings or more formal occasions in the winter!

1. Tulle & Pleated Skirts- I love these style right now and they are prefect for more formal events. Everyone can pull them off!

2. Jacket/Coats- This is my biggest struggle, you want to stay warm without totally clashing your outfit! It's all about texture right now so try something with different details... Maybe velvet, suede, or leather. Trench coats and blazer add a more formal look. I feel like all of these choices are pretty universal.

Under $100

Under $60

3. Dresses- I typically stay awake from brighter colors at weddings, I just feel like all the attention should be on the bride. I'll do either darker or more muted colors. But unless there's a color wearing requirement I would stick to something like the dresses below.

4. Shoes- Mules and clogs are everywhere these days! There are some dresses I feel that a classic heel will always work perfect for. But there are those dresses where you can pull off a warmer shoe too, so here are some of my favorites right now :) 

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