Monday, November 28, 2016

Our First Family Vacation

We had so much fun this past week being around all of our friends and family. After this trip we feel like we're champions of west coast flying. We flew from Utah to Washington, Washington to California, and California to Utah this past week. The Friday before Thanksgiving we headed up to Salt Lake for Wyatt's brother's wedding then headed to Washington Sunday morning to spend Thanksgiving week with my family. While we were up north we visited VooDoo donuts, downtown Seattle, UW, and the Olympic national park. We ate clam chowder, fish and chips, visited the first Starbucks (we're not coffee drinkers but still pretty cool), and took lots of pictures. It rained like crazy the entire time we were there so it was like Wyatt and Emmett got the "real" pacific northwest experience, haha! But it was gorgeous, Emmett did most of his napping in the car which is totally off his normal schedule but ended up working out really nice. He also did his first back-to-tummy roll while we were up there so that was fun. Now the kid won't stay on his back. He loves being on his tummy, but will start to get really mad once he realizes he can't crawl. He can scoot a little here and there, but he basically does a full 360 circle instead of actually moving forward, and it's hilarious to watch but frustrating to him. Emmett loved the rain in Washington, we went to a lake out there and it was just pouring and he was laughing the whole time! I was surprised at how non-stressful traveling was. I was expecting the worst, so maybe that made it better. I mean as far as traveling with an infant, we definitely had those "rookie moments," like... "oh we can carry Emmett in the carrier the entire time EVEN through security check-in?!" After we figured that out, he pretty much stayed in the carrier the entire time. The only real downside was that I've been sick for the past week, but overall it went pretty smooth. I made a little video of the trip too, so you can check it out if you'd like :)

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