Sunday, November 6, 2016

3 Months

Eating: Emmett is still eating well. He eats about 6-8 times a day, with 0 nighttime feedings.  He usually eats up to 10-13 oz right before bed. This past month I've stopped pumping because I just got tired of doing the dishes for it. I know that sounds lame but that's the truth! Haha! But we have officially gone through all of my freezer milk... So I may or may not bring back the pump.

Sleep: Emmett is now sleep trained, so he sleeps 10-11 hours through the night. That has been life changing for our family, no exaggeration. I hate to say sleep training him was "easy" because the first night was terrible. It took me almost 5 hours to finally get him to sleep, I even cried because I felt totally overwhelmed and like I was being a "bad mom" for kicking him out of our room. But it only took Emmett that 1 night, and he was able to self soothe and put himself to sleep. Right now Emmett sleeps from 9:30PM until about 8ish AM. We're trying to get him to go down just a little bit earlier, so wish us luck! I know that all babies are different and everyone has a different lifestyle. If you have a system that keeps everyone happy and rested, that's awesome! Whatever it is, keep it up! :) But for those of you that had specific questions on how I sleep trained Emmett just email me at, I would love to share what worked for us.
But honestly, the biggest thing was being consistent :) 

Likes: Talking, SLEEPING, sleeping in his own room, laughing & smiling, kisses, the mirror, the vacuum, tummy time; he can go for 30 mins w/o crying now, sitting next to mom and dad- he gets really excited when he can sit by himself, his play mat, being outside, his carseat, loves being held by other people, playing airplane-especially if we make the airplane noises, snuggles, books; anything with pictures really
-He does this weird thing lately... I call it "distracted eating." He's always been a "grunter" especially while eating. But now he does this thing where he will look up at me while nursing and talk w/a mouth full... It literally kills me! I start laughing and then he does too, he's already so goofy!
-He is a mommy and daddy's boy. He is always laughing with dad and waiting for dad to play with him and I get all the snuggles and loves so it's a win win.

Dislikes: Being hungry and binky. Right now there really isn't much he doesn't like.

Milestones: Scooting! It doesn't matter if it's on the tummy or back I turn my back for 2 mins and he's never where I left him. I can't believe he's this mobile without crawling. He is grabbing at things and really leaning forward. Talking talking talking. He is a man of many "baby coos" haha! Working so hard at rolling from back to tummy (that interests him more than tummy to back), a few weeks ago he started he's started copying us (it's crazy to think about how much he already notices) uh-oh ;), teething for 2 weeks now (so much drool), & sleeps straight through the night. Also, this isn't much of a milestone but... We've noticed his skin is becoming more pigmented. We were wondering if he would get some of my skin tone and now it looks like he might just be getting a little ;) 

Growth: 16lbs and 8oz and 26 1/2 in long; Wearing mostly 9 months.

P.S. -When we put those sunglasses on...ALL the personality came out! LOL

I made this video mostly for me and Wyatt of Emmett's first 3 months, but you are more than welcome to check it out below :)


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