Monday, October 24, 2016

Monthly Pictures of Your Baby

My baby is only 2 months old and I already have a few hundred pictures of him. I can't help it, I love watching his growth and development.  He looks so different from week to week! I feel like babies grow so fast, especially in their first year. So, I've compiled a list of ideas of "monthly pictures" to capture and remember our little ones growth their first year. 

A Portrait: Like I said above, babies change so much and having a portrait picture each month really shows just how much their features change and become more distinct. 

Bathtime: I really don't think there is anything cuter than a bath baby. They are always so happy in the bath and cuddly afterwords! It really is the best time for a picture and I love remembering Emmett that way <3

Playtime/New Tricks: So, my baby doesn't really "play" yet, but he is starting to grab things, and at things, which is crazy for us first-time parents! Although, he doesn't have "playtime" just yet, I like seeing the difference in his development through pictures.

Picture w/Mom/Dad/Family: I remember looking back at pictures from when I was a baby and wishing that my mom or dad were in them more and I've had friends say the same things. It's SO easy to just take all the pictures of the baby and we'll still have a million of them! But I think it's important to make the effort when we can to try to do individual shots and a family pic at least once a month! 

Specific to Season: I get excited for changing seasons mostly because of clothes ;) but now I get to dress Emmett up! Aren't babies just the greatest when they're your little dolls?! Haha! I have to take advantage while I can! :) 


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