Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Maternity SALES & Pregnancy Hacks

This dress is now on SALE :)

Almost all of my maternity dresses are on a CRAZY sale right now! So, I've listed the ones I wore when I was pregnant along with some great fall options! Asos, seriously had the best size selection for me throughout my 3rd trimester, I don't even know what I would have worn when I was that huge if I didn't have ASOS! Haha! I also wanted to share some of my pregnancy hacks :) I hope this helps all you expecting mamas <3

My Maternity Dresses

Fall Option Maternity Dresses

Pregnancy Pillow: You can get these off of amazon/buy buy baby/or any other "baby" store. My husband got me mine for Christmas, which was definitely one of the best presents ever. I couldn't believe how much I actually used that pillow. I had sciatic nerve pain throughout my entire pregnancy so I used it from my first trimester on. Even a couple weeks after having my baby! So, for me it was definitely a necessary item during pregnancy. There are so many different styles and sizes to what you may want/need. I used the furthest left.

Hair tie pants- I did this all the way through my 3rd trimester! If you've looked into buying a pair of pregnancy jeans, you've probably seen that they can run more expensive than non-pregnancy jeans. I'm a minimalist when it comes to actually buying pregnancy clothes but I also like to look as presentable as I can while I'm pregnant (it helps me "feel" like myself while my entire body is changing) Using a hair tie to help with me preserve the clothes I already had while growing a baby.

Water Bottle- Being pregnant almost the entire summer in southern California was hot. Really hot. I forced myself to drink water all day because I would get so dehydrated. I was sweating constantly and it also helped curve the nausea I had during my first trimester. I recommend a huge water bottle you can take w/you everywhere so you don't forget to drink it :)

Tums- I have never experienced heartburn before and didn't up until my 3rd trimester. I felt like I couldn't keep anything down and it was awful. But tums worked wonders. If you have heartburn you literally can't live without these.

Shea Butter: I totally understand that everyone has different skin and sometimes we're prone to stretch marks. It's not a bad thing. I honestly love the ones I have but I feel like this really helped keep my skin stay hydrated through my pregnancy and limited the amount I actually had. I used basically everything and is what shea butter worked the best for me.


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