Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kangaroo Pouch? ;)

Wednesday's are great because Wyatt only has one late class today. So we'll probably be exploring, is there anything particularly fun to do on a weekday in the fall w/an infant? Haha! If you have any ideas shoot them down below! :) 

Anyway...Can we all agree that being hands free is probably one of the best things as a Mom? You probably already know I'm obsessed with wearing my baby. I wear him any chance I get. So, you bet I was so excited when I got to try this soothie shirt. This shirt is especially perfect for newborns, their small little bodies just fit perfectly. My little guy is outgrowing it but he still falls right asleep in it. In fact, he literally fell asleep while taking these pictures haha! You can get yours here: LALABU

BTW.. Thank you all for filling out that questionnaire a few posts back. I was shocked at how many of you wanted fashion & lifestyle vlogs! Haha! So keep a look out for those :) I was overwhelmed by your love and support, you guys are seriously the sweetest. *virtual hugs* I hope you all have a great day today! 


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