Friday, October 28, 2016

Binxy Baby

I probably go to the store at least 4 times a month. When I first had Emmett shopping was overwhelming, honestly leaving the house in general was overwhelming. He was still too little to lift his head up and sit in the cart, but taking the carseat took up so much space in my cart. Overall, the whole thing was frustrating. So, I'm so excited to share this baby hammock with you guys because it has changed the way that I shop! Binxy Baby fits most standard grocery carts, I haven't been to a store where it doesn't fit. It's used for babies that are approximately 6 months old or until they can sit up by themselves. Also, it holds carseats and supports up to 50 pounds in weight. I have gotten comments on it everywhere I go because it's so cute and practical! I even have a 10% off discount code to share, just click on the link below.

P.S. Wyatt and I have been on a health kick...  Here's a little healthy seasonal treat I made & let myself cheat with ;) Recipe on my Pinterest: Kristinacamblog

I hope you all have a great Friday! :) 


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