Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Newborn Must-Have's

Good morning :)

As a first time mom I'm pretty clueless about everything. When I was registering for our baby shower I was so overwhelmed, it was way more difficult than I anticipated. There are so many options and opinions out there for what you "need" for your baby. All of us want to feel prepared for when these babies come into the world, but I had no idea where to even start. So, I made a list of things that I have really worked for us... Especially things that I have used like CRAZY these past 6 weeks. There may be somethings on this list that might not work for you and your family, but hopefully it will help you and your baby shopping process! If you have any baby favorites to share, I'd love for you to leave them in a comment below. I love hearing what works for other moms! I hope you all are having a great week :)

P.S. There are also some pics of my little chubbers using these products ;) 

-Binky: Wubbanub--When I first saw these I thought they were adorable but then thought "what's the difference between that and a regular binky?" Well, I love the weight of this binky. With how often Emmett pops that thing out of his mouth it has hardly ever dropped on the floor.  Seriously, I can count on my hand how many times it's actually fallen out of his mouth. I've never lost it and Emmett hugs it like crazy... Which is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen <3

He loved the wubbanub right away ;)

-Baby Clothes: Sleepers, mittens, onesies- I feel like you can never have enough of these!

-A traveling system: I love having our traveling system. Especially, since we've been traveling so much during Emmett's first month it's awesome not having to take him out of the carseat when we're going from place to place. I love that the carseat locks right into the stroller. We decided on the Uppa Baby Vista Traveling System with Uppa Baby Mesa carseat, mainly because of the 2 baby capability. But it also came with a bassinet & it has a piggy back attachment. Uppa baby is the lightest/easiest stroller & carseat we tested out so that was a major plus! But we also really liked the Baby Jogger system.

Emmett's first walk ;)

(He had a blowout and I forgot an extra onesie... #momfail)

-Nursing tank top & bras: If you're going to be breastfeeding or pumping these will just make your life so much easier. I live in these!

-Bottles: Specifically COMO TOMO bottles- With Emmett I am nursing and pumping, I would say it's about 70/30 breastfeeding/pumping. I wasn't sure where to even start with bottles but I had a friend recommend these to me & she swore by them. My son will really take any type of bottle/nipple so that really wasn't a problem for us but I have noticed that this bottle gives him the least amount of gas and spit up. Also, they are so easy to clean and I love that.

-Nipple Cream: I'm all about this Nipple Cream. I got a few smaller samples from the hospital and had to restock about a week after. My first week of breast feeding was rough. I was SO sensitive, but I feel like the nipple cream made it tolerable. I still experience some rawness/soreness but this has definitely been a lifesaver.  

-Electric Pump: I feel like if you're going to be pumping at all, you're going to want to get an electric pump. I got one from our insurance which works great, it's the Ameda brand (on the right side.) I love that it has the little holders for the pumping bottles, because if you've ever spilt your milk you know its the worst thing ever. If my insurance didn't cover for a pump I probably would have invested a little more in a portable pump because I pump so often. I love this Medela brand down below (left side)

-Carseat cover: I love these because they dual as nursing covers! It's one less thing I have to worry about when I'm out!

-Diaper Bag: I had a few in mind before I decided on the bag I ended up going with. I felt the traveling system and diaper bag were hardest for me to decide on just because there are so many great and different options. I have the Lily Jade Meggan Bag in black canvas and I'm OBSESSED! It can be carried as a cross body, on the shoulder, and even as a backpack. The straps are so comfortable too! I wanted to make sure I got the option for my diaper bag to be carried on my back because I love being handsfree. Not only is it amazing quality but it is SO cute... Even when my husband carries it! ;) 


-Swaddle: There are a few swaddles that I like. I like the aiden and anais swaddles because they are so soft and lightweight, which worked great with my summer baby. We also use these thermal swaddles which I like because they are stretchy and much smaller. But my favorite one of all is The Ollie Swaddle. It's heaven sent. I got it when Emmett was almost 2 weeks old and I use it all the time. I love the stretchy material and all of the colors are so soft and pretty. We especially use it for nighttime sleep because it is SO incredibly fast and easy. Because when you're changing a poopy diaper at 4AM, the last thing ya want to do is take forever swaddling your baby and dealing with a tangled blanket. 

-Co-sleeper/ bassinet: What I've learned in this month of being a parent is I should never say never. Wyatt and I said we would "never" co-sleep. Well... that was short lived. We started out with this co-sleeper which is basically a smaller pack and play that pulls up to the bed. I totally love it! But have since switched to the DOCKATOT and it works amazing for us. If you have me on snapchat you probably see Emmett in it ALL THE TIME. It's safe for co-sleeping and I can literally take it anywhere and set him in it and he usually just chills. 

-Disposable Nipple Pads: When my milk first came in it was nuts. Literally everywhere. All the time. It has since slowed down but I still need to make sure I have these in all day or I have seriously embarrassing leakage... haha! I find these disposable pads are a lot more absorbent than the reusable ones.  

-Changing pad: This is probably so basic but I almost forgot to get one of these before he came! I got it literally a day before he was born and I was so glad I did. He's a wiggly worm and I love that it has a buckle to keep him safely strapped!

-Owlet: I'm sure you all have heard about it, it's everywhere and rightly so. I really can't say enough about this item. This is what gives us peace of mind when we go to sleep. It monitors your baby's oxygen level and heart rate. There is no price on the safety of your baby and this has been one of our best purchases. It also has a conjoining app so you can see how they are doing from anywhere, which is amazing! It literally is a lifesaver.

-Wrap: I didn't get one of these until Emmett was about 3 weeks old and it really should have been one of my essential items. I was so intimidated by wrapping my baby because I had seen them before and they looked extremely complicated. Well, I had enough people tell me they were awesome so I gave in and got one. It really took me what feels like a few hundred tries but since I've figured it out I swear by it. I love feeling that close to Emmett and being completely hands free. Plus the fact that he just falls right asleep in it is AMAZING :)


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