Friday, August 19, 2016

Emmett's Birth Story

Emmett Wyatt Padgett was born August 6, 2016 at 10:25 AM. Weighing 8 lbs 11 oz and 20 1/2 in' long.

I had been terrified of labor ever since we found out I was pregnant. I loved being pregnant, loved the thought of being a mother, and loved our son. I just couldn't imagine being in pain. And up until the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy I hadn't experienced any physical pain. But by then my body was finally starting to hurt/ache and peeing every 5 mins was getting really old. So at my 40 week appt when they told me we could schedule an induction date I was SO happy. We scheduled it for August 5th and that whole week leading up I tried everything I could to further move along the process. Literally everything. But he wasn't budging... Haha.

The day before my induction I was only dilated to 2cm, so they decided to place a balloon in my cervix over night to help me dilate. After I had that placed, I started to get more mild contractions that lasted through the night. I could barely sleep that night because I was so excited. We woke up pretty early the next day because they wanted us there at 6AM.

We grabbed breakfast at Denny's and headed to the hospital. We got there around 6:30AM and it was pretty packed. They told us they had an emergency C-section so they had us wait in the waiting room for a while. We finally got settled into a room around 9AM a nurse told us to stay and hang out and within the next few hours or so the doctor and midwife would be in. They came in around noon and did a check up. They said they wanted to wait a few hours to give the balloon a little more time to come out, because that would have meant that my body would have dilated to a 4 "on it's own." I came in having some light contractions but nothing consecutive so around 3PM the doctor and midwife came back in and to check the balloons progress, it basically came out on it's own which was good which meant I was 4cm dilated.

I started to get some more intense contractions after they removed the balloon and up until then I was still afraid of the epidural. Originally I had planned on getting an epidural but when we finally got there the thought of having one scared me so when they would come in and ask if I wanted it I kept saying no because the pain didn't outweigh my fear yet... I got to 5 cm and they told me it takes about an hour to get the whole process going and in my back. They hadn't broken my water yet, and I wasn't sure when they were going to be back, so I decided to get it then. 

The epidural was amazing. I was having contraction through the process so when it finally got through me it was like I was in a dream! :) I was surprised how painless it was especially compared to the contractions. I had that done around 6PM and right after I had that done they broke my water. I obviously didn't feel that just the warm gush, it just felt like I peed my pants. That's when they stared me on pitocin. I was stoked because that meant they were finally getting me started! Then around 9PM they checked me and I was 7cm. The nurse decided to lower my pitocin at that time because she said that I was progressing "too quickly" (which I didn't understand), it totally slowed down my labor. I got extremely discouraged when she came in around 5AM and she said I was still about a 7. 

She then upped my pitocin to where it was before. After a few hours around 8:30 AM the same nurse came in and said I was only 8cm. I couldn't believe it, over the past hour I could feel a LOT more pressure down there. She left the room and I was so emotional, I was venting to Wyatt about how frustrated I was with my body. I couldn't understand how after 3 more hours I still wasn't progressing when I had felt that much pressure. I hadn't seen a midwife at that point for almost 8 hrs, which was also frustrating. Seeing how upset I was Wyatt left the room and told the nurse that I wanted to see the midwife. About 15/20 mins after he did that the midwife came in and said I was 10cm dilated, 100% effaced, and at a 1 station. I was so relieved because I knew I was further along. I felt like that was a lesson in trusting my instincts a little more. As a first time mom you don't know what to expect or what to believe or how your body works, but I was just really glad that not only I but Wyatt trusted my instincts in that moment. 

So because I was at a 1 station they had me wait a little while Emmett made his head down. They had me do like "practice pushing" for 20 mins with a nurse to get used it and move him closer to 3/4. It was then I noticed how swollen I had gotten. I didn't swell my entire pregnancy, but now my whole left foot and face were totally swollen. They said it was because of the amount of fluids they were pumping through my body, it was nuts! Haha! My epidural numbed the entire left side of my back, up to my shoulder so it was really hard for me to sit up by myself. Knowing this I stopped pressing the epidural around 6AM because I wanted to be able to sit up by myself up for labor. Doing those practice pushes were kind of difficult because I was SO incredibly numb. But finally the midwife came in and said I was ready to go. I don't remember how long it all took me because I was so "in the zone."

Around this time the pressure was getting really intense, my epidural was wearing off and it freaked me out a little. I could literally feel Emmett crowning. I was telling the midwife I could feel the stretching and burning and she just said "push through the pain it he's almost here."I kept thinking I should have pressed the epidural just ONE MORE time... Ah! Haha! 

But I remember looking over at my husband and he was tearing up, I didn't fully understand why he was sad. But I told him I had to really focus right then. He just looked at me and said "okay babe, I'm just so proud of you" and gave me a kiss. It gave me this rush of energy to just push. I was so incredibly grateful to be going through this experience with him. He motivates me in ways he'll never know <3 

Shortly after that, the midwife told me to look down, and I saw them pulling the rest of Emmett out of me. It was the craziest experience ever. I took one look at him and it was like he had been with us all along. They put him on my chest and it felt so good. He was all slimy and covered in weird white stuff but I couldn't stop kissing him. His body was so warm. His hands looked so big! Haha! I kept thinking what a miracle this all has been, and how grateful I was for our Father in Heaven for blessing our family. 

Emmett is 2 weeks old tomorrow and we are still getting the hang of things. I'll be doing a postpartum post and 1 month update in a couple weeks :) I hope you all have had an awesome week! 

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