Tuesday, June 7, 2016

33 Weeks


His size: Cauliflower

Weight Gain: 18 pounds. Being 5'2 and having a short torso there really isn't much room for him to go, so I've definitely been feeling like I'm ALL belly lately.

Symptoms: Heartburn. Headaches. Hot flashes- these started more this week. 
I'm starting to feel the discomfort that everyone talks about in the third trimester. I have been struggling with sleep because my lower back is killing me. I never realized what a tummy sleeper I was until these last couple weeks. I'm tired most of the day but I don't know if that's because I can't sleep at night or if it just comes with being in the 3rd trimester. As of right now I'm not feeling as tired as I did during my first trimester, so that's good.

Cravings: Chips & salsa//Grapes. Have you ever had frozen grapes? AMAZING. Fried foods and dairy are NOT my friends right now haha!

Movement: All the time. Especially when I'm trying to fall asleep ;)

Names: We've officially picked a first name, still deciding on middle.

Weird Moment: His movements have been getting big enough to where they can make my belly look lopsided. It's just weird to think he's getting big enough to make my belly look deformed! 

Best Moment: Last week we were able to do a 4D ultra sound and that was amazing! It was so detailed and he was just so cute. I stare at the pictures all the time! Other than that, being able to share his movements with friends and family has been really great too.

I still can't believe that at the end of next month we will be meeting our little guy! AH! I'm excited for so many things but terrified at the same time. I have real fears about giving birth. This pregnancy has been pretty low key for me so the idea of labor freaks me out. It's like the type of fear I have for roller coaster... I've waited in line for rides before and gotten to the very front and totally chickened out because I was too afraid. But with birth I can't really "chicken out" because he's got to come out somehow! haha! Ahhh... There are so many unknowns that I know I have no control over and that's what makes me anxious. It's been something I pray about everyday so that I have faith for when that day comes. 

On another note my emotions are out of control. I'm still so sensitive to everything. I think about our son all the time and how much we already love him. I always have a hand on my belly because I love to feel his little jabs. Sometimes I feel bad for him when he's really squirmy because I know the room he has in there is shrinking... stupid thing to worry about I know. Haha! I have been researching baby products lately. I was so overwhelmed at first, but now I'm kind of obsessed. Who knew there were so many different options for EVERYTHING! I'll post a baby wish-list soon. I hope you all are having a  great week! 


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