Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Flowers


Hello readers :) Man, I feel like this weekend just flew by! But I hope you are all have a great start to your week. I've told you guys my struggle when it comes to maternity clothes. Other than Pink Blush, ASOS has been my other favorite place to get maternity clothes. This dress fits so great and I can feel that it will grow with me and my belly. When I saw this dress I immediately loved the A-line cut, but I wasn't sure how it would look with me having such a round belly now. I actually ended up loving it because it makes me feel feminine and I think it accentuates the belly that much more... Instead of making me look more round, which I like ;) I was also attracted to the black and white floral print. You guys know I love color but I thought it was a different look from the typical spring floral. The dress is pretty busy so I just paired the dress with a simple gold cuff and some tan accessories. Thanks for stopping by! 


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