Monday, April 4, 2016

London Eye Dress


During this second trimester dresses have been my best friends and I have a feeling they will throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Haha! I'm trying to see the positives of being pregnant during the hottest months of summer and dresses are going to be that silver lining. This dress is from Downeast (NOT maternity) and the best part of it are the pockets! I love anything with pockets. I usually carry some kind of lip color on me and it's nice to just keep it in my pocket instead of digging in my purse (I'm extra lazy these days).  I love this mint color because I feel that it's perfect for spring and summer, bur Downeast also has this dress in navy (SO  cute). The sizes seem to be selling fast so make sure to head to a store near you or head over to their online shop :) We took these pictures at some orange groves just behind Wyatt's parents house and the weather was perfect. Gotta love 75 degrees and sunny ;) I hope you all have a great start to your week!


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