Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fun Ideas For Summer (Pregnancy Friendly)

Summer has always been my favorite season and even more so now. I love the warm weather, my birthday is in July, married my sweetheart last June, and our baby boy is due late July. We're going to be in California all summer and if you know southern California summers you know just how hot they can be. I think about how hot I get now when it get's to 75 degrees in Utah... Then adding on an extra 20+ pounds and an extra 20 degrees. Yikes, I'm hoping I survive ;) 

I got a little bummed when I found out we were going to be living within minutes from Disneyland because I can't really take full advantage of all the fun rides while pregnant. So instead of thinking about all the things I can't do this summer, I focused on fun ideas that we can still do while I'm pregnant ;) Below, I have a list of some fun, pregnancy friendly ideas to do with friends and family this upcoming season!

*Some of the pictures below are from fun times we had last summer.
Hope you enjoy :) *

-Make smores: Me and my husband aren't big on camping... But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy one of it's biggest perks. SMORES ;)  

-Be tourists: I love exploring new cities. I love window shopping and just walking around so this is especially fun to do in the summer when there are more activities going on.

-Have a picnic: Picnic's are great. I love taking advantage of warm weather, sitting under a shaded tree with a sandwich and some watermelon. Ah that just hits the spot.

-Go to a fair: Street fair/carnival/ boardwalk etc. There's nothing better than indulging in some funnel cake and deep fried Oreo's especially when you're eating for two ;) 

-Spa day: Doesn't that just sound great all the time? Since my back is already giving me problems I'll  try to make it our priority to get massages and do a mini spa day while we're on our baby moon <3

-Music festivals and concerts: I love listening to live music and sharing it with friends and family makes it even better. 

(Luke Bryan concert)

-Sweet treats: Those refreshing summer treats are my favorite. Snow cones/ice cream/smoothies/popsicles... You name it.

-Drive-in: I always wish the movie theater was as comfortable as my couch. With drive-in's you're pretty close.  You're in the comfort of your own car or truck & I love that.

-Be active: Hiking, beach cruising, roller blading, etc... If you can handle it, do it :)

-Food Truck: Not your traditional dinner date plus you're usually not limited to one place to eat. If someone wants pizza, you want tacos, but you all want to enjoy it together...That's no problem with food truck round ups.

-WATER: Go to the beach, walk on the pier, or hang out by the pool. The water is so cool and refreshing in the summer!

-Baseball game: I mean come on... What's summer without baseball? ;) 

(From a Bee's Game)

-Mini golf: Mini golf is one of my favorite activities to do with my husband because he loves competitive things and I like competing with him haha! 

-The Zoo: I love zoo's and since I won't be able to take full advantage of disneyland right now, the zoo is a great substitute! ;)

What are some of your favorite activities to do in the summer? I hope you all have a great weekend :)


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