Friday, April 29, 2016

27 Weeks

TOP//PANTS *Similar* (I have been living in these lately <3)//SANDALS

Happy Friday :) It's crazy to think I'm in the last week of my 2nd trimester. Where did the time go? I had an appointment on Monday and it was great to see our little man and how much he's grown already. Who told him he could grow so fast and weigh over 2 lbs haha! I got to see him open and close his eyes which at first doesn't sound that cool, but it really is. I can't wait until we can actually see each other <3 Honestly, it still trips me out to see his legs and arms. Pregnancy is weird and cool all at once. 

I recently switched my OBGYN because we have moved and are now 5 miles away from the hospital, as opposed to 600 miles. Much more convenient. I took that glucose test that everyone tells you is "the worst,"  I can now attest to that. I had instant shakes from the nasty drink, I swear the after taste resembles poison. The results were really good, but my doctor is encouraging me to eat more. I feel like I'm eating a ton already I mean I  can definitely feel the 15 lbs I've gained so far... and it feels like it's all gone straight to my face. Oh well... hopefully my little guy is getting some of that chunk too haha! I guess from here on out I should be gaining a pound a week. I say bring it on ;) The only downside is I can't eat ice cream or chocolate, too many sweets make me sick, and greasy foods give me heartburn... which is all kind of depressing. I feel like with pregnancy I should be able to enjoy these yummy foods guilt-free! I have been able to sneak some donuts and cookies without wanting to die. So maybe that will get me by. Other than that I'm still living off of smoothies and salads. 

Physically, I'm feeling just as good as I've felt this entire pregnancy... except if I don't stretch I get really sore. I had some sciatic nerve problems a couple weeks ago and my dr said that it was probably due to where the little guy was placed. She said he was probably on the nerve because I haven't had any problems since. I have had a few Braxton hicks contractions, those are weird. I didn't really know what they were because I've been feeling them for a few weeks now.  I honestly thought that they were my abs because I get them when I'm working out. Turns out they are NOT my abs at all... just my oversized uterus practicing for the big day, haha!  

I obsessively watch him move in my tummy all the time. I've also had some very vivid dreams of him. Just the thought of him makes me overly sensitive. This probably sounds SO cheesy but my favorite part of the day is early in the mornings when I wake up and can feel him kick me and then turn over and see my husband <3 I can't believe we've made this growing boy together and how much  we already love him. 

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