Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How I Blend My Hair Extensions

What I use: 
1. Curling Iron 
2. Brush
3. Hair Clip
4. Hair Extensions (Bellami 24" in Mochachino Brown*I cut like 5 inches off) 

I use- 
2: 4 clips wefts
2: 2 clip wefts
2: 1 clip wefts

I have had my clip-in extensions since right before my wedding in June and I originally got the 24" length because the 22's we're too short for my long hair. They worked perfect for the wedding. So when I cut my hair in October, I still wanted to use them but I didn't want them to look choppy and weird. I originally had them cut a couple inches because I was afraid to cut too much off.  But then I ended up cutting off a few more inches because I wanted them to blend more with my front layers. Luckily, I love the way they turned out. I don't recommend ever cutting them by yourself... I'm just really impatient and it happened to work out...haha!) My hair has grown since I first cut these extensions and I feel like they blend better now but here is how I always put them in.... :)

 *I have had my extensions curled from a 1" curling iron since December. I typically use my extensions 3 to 4 times a week. I also only curl my extensions every 3 months or so because the curl stays in so well. I think it's helped them stay in good condition. *

I start with just air dried/or day old hair. If air dried... like today I'll just curl big chunks with a 1 1/2" curling iron. It usually takes me 3 mins to do that *perks of short hair* ;) 
First, I brush through my extensions for any knots. Then I set the extensions aside for a second and separate my hair. I separate the top chunk of my hair away from the bottom, and put the first 4 clip weft to about the top of my ears and clip it closest to the root. Then I section off a new section of hair and place the second 4 clip weft about 1 inch above the first weft.

Since my hair is still pretty short in the front I use the 1 clip wefts to help blend my layers. (I never used them with long hair, but they are amazing with short!) Next, I section off right behind my ears and place the 1 clip wefts directly behind my ear and do that on each side. Then, I section off the crown of my hair.  I then place one 2 clip weft on my right side, about 1" away from my face and then do the same exact thing on the left side. Then.... I'm all done! & This usually takes me about 5-7 mins to do :)

BEFORE      &     AFTER 

I hope you are enjoying your week! 


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