Thursday, March 31, 2016

Multicolored Floral

The Pink Blush Giveaway ends tonight!! Don't forget to enter! I will have the winner announced tomorrow on my Instagram (@kristinacamille14)! :) 

This adorable dress is from Pink Blush and I'm obsessed! With it being spring, I can't help but be drawn to more floral outfits and this is definitely one of my favorite dresses right now, especially for my growing belly. It's such comfortable fabric, and right when I saw this I immediately loved the fun colorful print.  They have this exact dress in more of a blue color and so many more spring dresses and outfits. Also, their dresses come in a variety of different fabric to help with an expanding tummy ;) I know you expecting mama's will just LOVE it!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How I Blend My Hair Extensions

What I use: 
1. Curling Iron 
2. Brush
3. Hair Clip
4. Hair Extensions (Bellami 24" in Mochachino Brown*I cut like 5 inches off) 

I use- 
2: 4 clips wefts
2: 2 clip wefts
2: 1 clip wefts

I have had my clip-in extensions since right before my wedding in June and I originally got the 24" length because the 22's we're too short for my long hair. They worked perfect for the wedding. So when I cut my hair in October, I still wanted to use them but I didn't want them to look choppy and weird. I originally had them cut a couple inches because I was afraid to cut too much off.  But then I ended up cutting off a few more inches because I wanted them to blend more with my front layers. Luckily, I love the way they turned out. I don't recommend ever cutting them by yourself... I'm just really impatient and it happened to work out...haha!) My hair has grown since I first cut these extensions and I feel like they blend better now but here is how I always put them in.... :)

 *I have had my extensions curled from a 1" curling iron since December. I typically use my extensions 3 to 4 times a week. I also only curl my extensions every 3 months or so because the curl stays in so well. I think it's helped them stay in good condition. *

I start with just air dried/or day old hair. If air dried... like today I'll just curl big chunks with a 1 1/2" curling iron. It usually takes me 3 mins to do that *perks of short hair* ;) 
First, I brush through my extensions for any knots. Then I set the extensions aside for a second and separate my hair. I separate the top chunk of my hair away from the bottom, and put the first 4 clip weft to about the top of my ears and clip it closest to the root. Then I section off a new section of hair and place the second 4 clip weft about 1 inch above the first weft.

Since my hair is still pretty short in the front I use the 1 clip wefts to help blend my layers. (I never used them with long hair, but they are amazing with short!) Next, I section off right behind my ears and place the 1 clip wefts directly behind my ear and do that on each side. Then, I section off the crown of my hair.  I then place one 2 clip weft on my right side, about 1" away from my face and then do the same exact thing on the left side. Then.... I'm all done! & This usually takes me about 5-7 mins to do :)

BEFORE      &     AFTER 

I hope you are enjoying your week! 


Monday, March 28, 2016

Bump Update & Pink Blush GIVEAWAY! :)


I'm 23 weeks along and my belly has finally popped. Being almost 6 months through my pregnancy it feels good to finally have a round belly and not just a chubby mess haha! I've started having some aches in my lower back but other than that I'm still feeling pretty good. We went down to California for Easter and I also had my ultrasound appointment where they do all the measurements of our baby boy. I know some people might think that appointment is pretty boring but I just loved seeing our little guy, the ultrasound technician probably thought I was nuts because I was still freaking out about seeing his fingers and tongue. She was like did you just find out you were pregnant? HAHA! I had to explain how this STILL feels unreal. 

On another note... I'm SO exciting to be hosting this $75 GIVEAWAY sponsored by PinkBlush! I have been having a really hard time lately finding clothes that fit me properly. I'll try to go a size up and I'm drowning and even the smallest maternity sizes don't fit. Pink Blush Maternity sizes not only fit perfectly, but they are so trendy and cute! This dress is one my favorites! I don't feel like I'm compromising my style to find clothes that fit, which is a really good feeling ;) haha! They also have a variety of sizes! Plus sizes for pregnancy and PinkBlush isn't just for maternity. Check out their women's selection for adorable spring outfits for the "not expecting" women ;) SO make sure to enter the GIVEAWAY. Head over to my Instagram @kristinacamille14 for FULL DETAILS on how to enter! :) 

I hope you all have a great day! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

21 Weeks

21 weeks. I'm past the half way mark, only 19 weeks to go! :) It's weird to think I'm already 5 months pregnant, this trimester has gone by so much faster than the first. 

Lately, I've been living off of avocados, eggs, and cereal. SO GOOD lol! We weren't really planning on "picking out a name" but we've fallen in love with a name and now we can't stop calling him by it <3 I mean who knows we could totally change our minds when he comes but this name seems to stick. I've been feeling our little guy for a while now but his movements have gotten so much stronger these past couple weeks but Wyatt has been able to feel him. That has been the coolest thing so far. I can't even imagine that his movements will only continue to get stronger.

I'm still feeling really good, I've been getting headaches every now and then. I only get them once every couple weeks and it's usually when I'm really busy and haven't eaten in a few hours, but it's nothing that isn't manageable. Anyone else ever gotten those kinds of headaches during pregnancy? I truly am enjoying this pregnancy and I'm trying my hardest to listen to my body. I've been staying as active as I can and making sure to give myself time to rest and relax when I need it. Ever since I was sick for a few days during my first trimester I've been paranoid to get that sick again. The first 2 1/2 months of my pregnancy I didn't step foot in a gym because I was so incredibly tired.  I know every pregnancy is different and if I still felt like I did during my first 2 months there is no way I'd be going to the gym at all haha! But I feel that taking advantage of the energy I do have by going to the gym regularly has totally helped me be more in tune with what my body needs. 

I've just started looking into baby stuff... cribs, strollers, car seats etc. I feel like there are so many choices for so many different items I don't even know where to start. What do you ladies think? What are some of your baby "must-haves"? Diaper bags, slings, changing tables, anything? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, I hope you all have a great week! :)

*Whole outfit is from ASOS*


Monday, March 7, 2016

Mya Dress


Hello there :) I hope you all had a great weekend! We just caught up on chores and spent some lazy time together. Sometimes those weekends are the best <3
 So you might have seen my post last week of the mesa blouse. Well I got this dress at the same place and of course I love it just as much! I paired it with these black booties and a big black bag. I know some of you have been asking about my hair and NO it hasn't grown back that fast. Haha! I've just been wearing these clip-in extensions I got for our wedding back in June. I've cut like 5+ inches to blend in with my hair now. I'm not a hairstylist at all... But I've gotten some comments on my hair and I think it'd be easier if I just posted videos of hairstyles I do and how I clip in my extensions. So keep an eye out! :) 


Saturday, March 5, 2016

T-Shirt & Jeans

TOP (Size: 2)//JEANS (Size: 25)//SHOES (Size: 5.5)

I've been living in t-shirts lately. This style of t-shirt has been my "go-to" because it flares out at the bottom and isn't hugging my sides. If you don't already know I LOVE ASOS. This top and jeans are both from there. I've actually had these jeans for a while and I love everything about them. They are my favorite white jeans because the material is thick and they are a true white. These little fabric shoes are from H&M. H&M is perfect for trendy and classic style you don't want to splurge on. Wyatt and I are sure enjoying the warmer weather here. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!