Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's a...

... BOY :) 

We're going to have a mini Wyatt this summer and we are so excited! We found out on our little trip to California and it was the most exciting news ever. We are currently living in Utah because Wyatt has 2 terms left at BYU. But we will be in California this summer for Wyatt's work, so I will be giving birth there. Since my OBGYN is in California having my monthly visits has been something to work around, causing the visits to be more spaced out. That means I would have had to wait even longer to find out our baby's gender... Which was not happening. I'm too impatient ;) Since we weren't going to be back home for at least another month we figured it would be the perfect time to find out our baby's gender and tell both of our families. Both Wyatt's side of the family and mine all said boy. The week before we found out I had somehow convinced myself that our baby was a girl. During the ultrasound I was SO shocked! We didn't even make it to the full "potty shot" for me to be able to see, he was a boy. I mean how can both sides of our families be 100% right! Haha! We surprised them with some gender reveal cupcakes and it was so fun to see their reactions!

I'm 18 weeks and I feel like I went from chubby to bumpy in just 1 week haha. I've been wondering where he's been because I am so short there is really no where else he can hide ;) I mean my belly definitely fluctuates from the morning and depending on my meals... which I've heard is normal especially for your first pregnancy. But this is what my belly tends to look like after a FULL meal :) ^^^ Like I've said before my pregnancy symptoms have been pretty nonexistent. I've had the same appetite (except I've been liking vegetables much more), haven't thrown up, my skin has been the same, and up until now the only thing that has been growing is my bra size haha! Also the last time we saw our baby he was just a little peanut, so it's been hard to imagine that this is all happening. It's made me kind of paranoid if he was growing the way he should because I have been feeling so great. Although, I have felt our sweet boy moving inside of me since I was about 12 weeks (weird I know) and I have been feeling him much more frequently since about 15 weeks. There was just something about seeing our baby through the ultrasound with his little spine, perfectly round head, and pouty lips where it finally sank in. We are incredibly excited and SO in love. <3

***I also want to share something a little more personal. As many of you already know Wyatt and I are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We believe in our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and His atonement, and the Holy Ghost. We try our best to follow the spirit and to live righteously everyday because we believe our purpose on this earth is to learn through our trials and progress. The temple means everything to us and ever since Wyatt and I started dating the temple has been the center of our relationship. It's something I've been especially grateful for these past few months. 
After we found out our baby's gender we went on a date to the Newport temple. It was our first time visiting this temple so we were really excited. This was also the first time that the reality of being parents was truly hitting us. Being pregnant there are many unknowns, my faith is continually tested through different elements. I have been struggling with weird insecurities of doing the "right" things while being pregnant and wondering if I will be a good mom. But as I prayed for comfort in the temple I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and love. Specifically peace about the child I'm carrying for our family. It was the same amazing feeling I had when I prayed about marrying my husband. I'm thankful for these great feelings of love through my stubborn personality. I know that we are all going through different struggles and we all have weaknesses we are constantly working on and it can get overwhelming sometimes. But every trial or doubt has the ability to turn into our greatest strength and hope. Continuing with a humble heart can change our perspective and understanding. <3 If you have any questions about what we believe or anything else, you can shoot me a message or click HERE :) I love you all and thanks for stopping by!

I hope you all have a wonderful week 


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