Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Long Bob

 I cut  almost 10 inches off my hair a couple weeks ago and I'm finally getting used to styling it! Yes, that is an accomplishment for me ;) For this post, I'm talking about one of my go-to hair styles.

So for you ladies that...
1.  Just chopped your hair and are trying to get used to the different length
2. Are thinking about chopping it and are looking for styles
3. Are just following along :)

 Below are the steps I take to get a quick and styled look.

((From right to left))
1. After I wash my hair I almost always let it air-dry. The only time I blow dry my hair is if I'm in a hurry, other than that I just don't. So, after it's dry I usually let it part naturally and then section off pieces and start curling from the bottom to the top. 
2. As I'm curling, I use the technique that everyone uses... Where I rotate curling the pieces of my hair from towards my face to away from my face. So all of the curls aren't totally uniform. 
3. Then I use my straightener to straighten some ends... I don't do this all over my hair. Just for pieces that I feel that got too curly. 
4. Lastly, I run my fingers through it and part it how I like :)

I love this style because it's so quick, it takes me 5 mins in the morning and I love that. I hope you all are enjoying your week!

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