Monday, July 10, 2017

39 Week Pregnancy Update

Size: Just over 7 lbs; the size of a pumpkin

-I feel like I have carpal tunnel in my hips and hands. My doc said that sometimes women experience the swollen aches in their feet but it's just as common to feel it in your hands. 
-Finishing up my "nesting." All I have left to do is pack my hospital bag, I've been putting it off because I know I'll really be ready for her to come once that's done. 

Weight Gain: 25 lbs

Sleep: I have insomnia! Can't figure out if it's from having to pee 3X's a night or I'm just not able to sleep like I normally do because I'm huge! haha. It's probably a combination of both. 

Worst Moments: I said this in the last post, that I'm really starting to feel the physical toll of 2 back to back pregnancies. I feel like an old lady with my hips and the fact that I can't just get up when I want because of all the pressure "down there". I'm interested to see how my body handles post partum because I feel like I never really got the full "post partum experience" with Emmett. Ya know, getting pregnant 8 weeks after having him and all. Haha. I just hope that I'm not this sore. 

Best Moments: Fortunately, at my last appointment my doctor said that I was progressing. She said I'm about 1 1/2 cm dilated and about 70% effaced. She said that if by next week, I'm officially 2 cm dilated we can set up an induction for whenever if that's what I want to do. I'm not totally sure if I want to be induced. Of course, I'd love to go into labor naturally, but I also don't want to be pregnant for the next month! So we shall see :) 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Breastfeeding Experience (With First Baby)

Here's a little bit of a throw back post today. I wrote this post months ago, after I stopped breastfeeding Emmett. I always wanted to remember my first breastfeeding experience. It was so different than anything I had ever experienced before and I wanted a reference to look back on for my future children. I've loved having my pregnancy updates, so it only made sense to me to document this as well :) 

Before I had Emmett I did very minimal preparation for feeding (stupid, I know). But the entire time I was pregnant I didn’t even feel pregnant, and thinking about anything past labor and delivery was just too much for my mind at the time. My mom had told me that she had difficulty breastfeeding, along with all of my aunts. She said that she wasn't able to breastfed me or my brother past 2 weeks, so I tried not to stress breastfeeding to much on myself. My mentality was, if I have milk I'll breastfeed and if I don't I'll just use formula. That simple. I didn't look into pumping, how supplementing worked, or anything. Fortunately, I got an electric pump with my insurance because I didn't even look into it. I didn't realize it, but I basically had no feeding "plan" for Emmett. 

Well, fast forward to giving birth and Emmett's first latch. I don't have some magical story of how when he latched for the first time we had 0 problems and it was so glorious. It was the complete opposite of any of that. Emmett is an aggressive eater, literally from the moment he came out. That first latch killed! It took everything in me not to rip his cute little head off of me! The nurses saw the pain I was in and suggested that it was due to tender breasts and him latching incorrectly. So, they worked with us on his latch, but every single way was causing me the same amount of pain. I have a condition with my breasts in which some women with he same problem can't breastfeed at all due to the pain and the baby not being able to latch. So, they suggested using a nipple shield (I guess some women with this same problem use it during their entire time nursing because it's so helpful)... I said "lets go for it" (anything to protect me during these feedings, because at this rate there was no way we were going to make it past this feeding). But when I used it, it hurt even worse. I started crying because I was in so much pain (this was much worse for me than labor and delivery combined... times 3! haha) and once Emmett got off that feeding I looked down and my nipple was bleeding. A lot. The nurse grabbed the nipple shield off, and suggested that I focus on pumping. I tried pumping and it was still painful but nothing like Emmett's latch. So I did that mostly in the hospital, while trying to work on his latch. 

When we left the hospital, they let me take a hospital grade pump for about a month due to my boobie problems, in hopes that it would help our feeding problems. The nurse said if I ended up not being able to nurse him because of the pain, I could at least work on my supply to bottle feed him. I remember leaving the hospital and being scared of how I was going to continue nursing him. I worked on nursing and pumping a lot more during those first few days and I felt so bad for Emmett because my milk still hadn't came in. He lost a little bit of weight at his 3 day appointment, not more than the normal amount but he looked so skinny to me, and it made me super concerned. But the doctor reassured me it was normal for milk to come in at day 4/5 and that nothing was abnormal. His doctor told me to wait it out until then. After getting back from that appointment, I still felt discouraged and wanted to give Emmett formula because I felt like my milk was probably going to be similar to my mom's and I didn't want to starve my baby.

But then the very next day I took a shower in the morning, I put on one of Wyatt's t-shirts and some shorts, and then went on with getting ready. I came back to the bathroom to brush my teeth, looked in the mirror, and my entire shirt was soaked. My milk had came in. I rushed over to my pump because Emmett was sleeping and started pumping. I pumped 6oz out of each side. I was amazed at how much milk I had and was excited to give it to Emmett. Since that day, and until he was about 1 1/2 months old he was drinking about 4/5 ounces every 2/3 hours. It was crazy. There was a dramatic difference in his sleep. He started to sleep in 4 hour increments through the night. But for me, it was all still painful. Not only was the latching still uncomfortable, but I was constantly engorged. I had friends tell me that feeling of engorgement would eventually go away in a few weeks, but it didn't go away for me until Emmett was about 4 months old and I had gotten pregnant. I just remember thinking, "will I ever not be so sticky and in pain?"

But after the first month, things got better with Emmett's latch. I switched to a different latch the "laid back/semi reclined" which I used like 90% of the time I nursed him. That worked best for us because but my milk would come in so fast. It was so much for Emmett that I was literally be drowning him if I cradled or did the football hold. With that being more manageable, I actually started to enjoy nursing. 

I had an overproduction from the moment my milk came in. It had its positives and negatives. I felt fortunate to be able to produce a freezer full of milk while nursing, but I was constantly engorged. For Emmett's first 4 months I could leak ounces and ounces at any moment. I remember walking through Target when Emmett was about 3 1/2 months old. He was completely asleep in his carseat as I pushed the cart and another baby in the store started crying and my milk just let down, like an entire feeding. I went through the nursing pads I was currently wearing and I wanted to die! haha! I felt like I was never going to taper off or even out. I felt like I was constantly a ticking time bomb of milk, because I would let down at any minute. It was discouraging for me to ever want to leave the house because of it.

But when Emmett hit about 4 months old he wasn't latching as well as he did before. He started drinking more from the bottle than from me, like I mentioned in previous posts. Also, my engorgement was finally going down. It was amazing! I cut back on his feedings because I just figured he was growing out of it a little bit. I was stoked because it felt like my milk production was finally evening out. But Emmett would still pop off of me, which was abnormal for him. I started feeling like I was going to start my period, so I figured it must be my milk supply. But I was still pumping the same amount. Well that feeling of "getting my period" came and went and I still didn't get my period. That's when I started to think that I might be pregnant. You can check out the post HERE if you want to know how we found out. But sure enough, I was pregnant and my doctor said sometimes babies can taste the difference in hormones and your milk supply can decrease when you get pregnant. So, that was around the time I started to wean him, which fortunately for us was so easy. I was able to wean him off of nursing onto my freezer stash.  But that went pretty quick with how much Emmett was eating. I don't remember how much I had exactly because I never counted or kept track but it lasted about 3 weeks and it was gone. 

I had some immediate mommy guilt when I started weening him off of nursing because it felt like my body was starting to cater to our new baby more than Emmett. But Emmett didn't have any resistance to only taking a bottle. It was such an easy transition, and I was only engorged for about a day. Also, we are just so excited for baby sister. We feel incredibly blessed to have these babies so close. 

Anyway, my breastfeeding journey with Emmett ended at about 5 months, but when I look back at it I'm surprised I lasted that long, because I really had no longer term plan on feeding. I was really just "winging it" haha! With baby sister, I've set a few milestones goal for myself. I'd love to go at least 6 weeks, because I will have two kids under 1 and I'll be recovering from my 2nd pregnancy in 1 year. I feel like 6 weeks is a realistic goal for me and anything I can do after will feel like an accomplishment! Until next time :)


Monday, July 3, 2017

38 Week Pregnancy Update

These past few weeks have just flown by. We had little sister's baby shower (thank you so much for everyone who came), we moved into our house, and Wyatt and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Although this pregnancy wasn't as "easy" as Emmett's I still feel like I lucked out with this one. Despite the morning sickness and my herniated belly button... Overall, I've had a really healthy pregnancy. I'm trying to find the positive in being this huge because I know I'll miss some aspects of it when  I hope that it continues through labor and delivery.

Size: She's the size of a leek and weighs about 6.8 lbs

-I've completely stopped swelling in my legs and feet and now it seems like it's all gone to my face.
-I'm officially lactating again... Started doing this around 35 weeks. Lol. I remember doing this around the same time with Emmett and thinking it was the weirdest thing. It still is. haha!
-Still have motion sickness but not nearly as bad
-LOTS of pelvic aching, just because she is down so low
-I pee just about every hour
-Still pretty "nesty" but we are just about done preparing for her! We'll probably be all ready to go after this week :)
-Slight fatigue. I will get tired during the day but I'm still pretty functional even if I don't get a nap, which was total opposite of when I was in my last trimest with Emmett. I NEEDED naps with him! haha

Weight Gain:
23 lbs total

Pretty much the same as my last update because I'm constantly peeing during the night.

Best Moments:
Getting everything ready for her arrival. I am so excited to have another newborn in our home. They are straight from heaven and I am excited to cherish those moments with her and to get my constant cuddles again!

Worst Moments:
Realizing I have stretch marks. I am carrying this girl totally different than how I carried Emmett. I could feel it from the 1st trimester. With Emmett I only got 2 stretch marks but I had SO MUCH sciatica nerve pain, it was awful. But this time around I've have NO sciatica nerve pain (which is great) but have gotten more stretch marks. I'm carrying her so much lower and  it's so heavy on me "down there" it still amazes me how different each pregnancy can be. I can really feel the impact on my body of have two pregnancies so close together.

Cravings: OATMEAL. I craved this at the end of my last pregnancy into my first 2 months pp. I think this has something to do with my milk production too haha

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Asos 4th of July Sale

It's been forever since I've done a fashion post! Too long, I promise to get better! Anyway, ASOS is one of my absolute favorite places to get my maternity and nursing friendly clothes. It's literally made up more than half of my closet these past 2 years. They are having an amazing 4th of July sale, up to $100 off your total purchase! So now is the time to take advantage! Below are my top picks this summer :)



EXTRA SALE: Nothing over $25

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

10 Months

(pretending he's talking on the phone, haha)

(blowing kisses)

I'll have a 1 year old in just a little over a month! I can't believe it :) Emmett has 7 teeth right now and working on that 8th. I kinda wonder when this whole teething thing will die down so we get a good break from the drool. Keeping my fingers crossed that after we get that bottom 4th tooth we'll get a drool break! Haha! Anyway, I feel like his personality is just coming out more these days. He's such a friendly, happy, and silly boy. I figured he's be getting some stranger danger by now, but this kid is the total opposite. Not an ounce of it in him. He loves to wrestle with dad, give kisses all day long (even to people he doesn't really know), EAT, throw balls (and anything that get his whole hand around), books (his favorite is an Easter book that he's been playing with since before Easter haha). His hair is dirty blonde and getting so much thicker. I'm glad he didn't end up being a bald baby like I was! I didn't get hair until I was almost a year so hopefully his sister will have hair too (fingers crossed).

Sleeping: Still our great little sleeper. He's finally on a 2 naps a day schedule for the most part. He has his days where he gets a quick 30 min nap at the end of the day but the 2 naps are pretty consistent. Still sleeping from 7-7:30PM- 7-7:30AM.

Eating: Still eating great. He eats 3 meals a day and has a snack here and there. Only has a bottle twice a day. Morning and night.  He is really weaning himself off bottles these days. He's way more interested in his sippy cup or regular cups. He likes to drink out of our hydroflasks too, which is funny. He has also almost entirely weaned himself off of his binky too. He only uses it for a couple mins to fall asleep and then he usually tosses it out of his crib. 90% of the time I will find it outside of his crib in the mornings, I've even seen him toss it out of his crib before he falls asleep haha!


-He started walking just 2 days after he turned 10 months old and he is now almost running! Haha
-He points at everything and he does this thing where he leans his head on his shoulder and points and we think it's so cute and funny!
-He's throwing all of his toys
-He can drink from a cup really well
-He's imitating words. He's been doing sounds for a while but the words have caught us off guard a little. It sometimes sounds like he's totally copying us when he mumbles.
-His 3 favorite words are dadda, mamma, and ba/ball
-He tries to spoon feed himself, not very successfully but he gets close sometimes.
-He is understanding when we communicate to him. Usually with phrases such as; "Get the ball", "throw the ball", "where is your book?", "where is pooh bear?", things like that. Then he will bring them to us.
-Although he's so busy. He'll finally snuggle up to read with me in the mornings and snuggle me in-between play time <3

Growth: Again not totally sure. He's totally thinning out since he's been walking. But he's still wearing the same sizes as last month :)

Friday, June 2, 2017

9 Months

(I wrote this post a month ago! I've been seriously struggling with his update posts. Haha! ) 

I must say this has been my favorite stage so far. He has so much personality and is always making us laugh. Granted, it comes with it's own challenges. When he's awake he's *go go go* but it's still so fun. I think the best way to describe Emmett is, he's like one of those wind up toys. When he wakes up he's ready to play but when it's time for a nap that kid is completely out! Haha! He has 6 teeth, loves to push anything that will go with him, whether he's crawling or walking. He loves his crib and blankey. His favorite toys are his Pooh Bear, his walker, and any ball! He also got his very first haircut. I feel like Emmett has developed so much this past month. I say that every month, but especially this month when it comes to communication. He understands so much more and we just love it!

Emmett drinks about 3 bottles max a day, 6 oz in each bottle. He has one in the morning, sometimes in the middle of the day, and he gets one before bed. Other than that he's eating all of our table food. He hasn't eaten baby purees since he was about 7 months (he boycotted them). He likes to feed himself, and would prefer me to hand him his food and let him do it, as opposed to being spoon fed, and he will even try to spoon feed himself (that gets really messy).  Foods he eats most are; yogurt, fruit (all fruits), softer veggies (cooked broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes), sandwiches, pancakes, eggs, cheerios, beans, and chicken. Emmett can also be an overeater. Even if he's already eaten, he will act like he's starving if anyone around him is eating so you'll share with him (it's funny how they can already start to work you when they are infants lol). Meaning he WILL overeat if I allow it. He's been this way since he was born, so I really have to pay attention to his food intake. If he's fed too much food he will throw it up, an hour or so later, rather than stop eating it. That saying "oh babies stop eating when they are full", doesn't apply to my son. Haha!

Emmett is still averaging about 16-17 hours of sleep a day (crazy I know, but I'll take it). He really just loves sleeping. He's still kind of on a 3 nap a day schedule. He will sleep 12 hours though the night 7:30PM-7:30AM, then have a nap around 9AM for about anywhere from 1.5-2 hours (2.5-3 hrs on a good day), another nap around 1:30 for another 1.5-2 hours, and then his last nap of the day around 5PM for 45 min-1hr. He is VERY consistent that way. The morning and afternoon naps can differ in time here and there, and sometimes he can miss a nap one of those and be pretty good for the day. But his late afternoon power nap is pretty essential to him sleeping though the night. If he goes down for a "power nap" anytime after 5:45 he WILL wake up around 8PM and then wake up again in the middle of the night. He is the most predictable kid when it comes to sleep. So, we try to make sure he gets that power nap every day :)

-Speed crawling
-Standing and taking a few steps at a time. He's not full walking yet, but it's cute to see a couple steps here and there.
-Climbing stairs like a pro, he can go down them but it's always a little scary to watch because he wants to go too fast.
-Doing things on command vs. showing him. Because he's understanding better, we can tell him to do stuff and he'll copy rather than us showing him and him copying that way.
-He's still very friendly. The only time he ever really gets "stranger danger" is when he is overly tired. He favors me and Wyatt when he is fussy, but 99% of the time he loves everyone and everything.
-He understands "no"
-Says: mama, dadda yaya, baba, gaga... and lots of gibberish 
-He knows when we are hiding something from him
-Loves peekaboo
-Can throw a ball, not really well but pretty good (with both hands)
-Loves to pick up every little thing with his finger and thumb

Growth: Not sure about weight and height. He has his 9 month appt coming up soon. But he is mostly in 2T/24 month clothes.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

33 Week Update

Size: She's the size of a cauliflower; and weighs about 4.5 lbs

I haven't done one of these updates in a while so I feel like I have a million different preggo symptoms...
-Heartburn: Especially at night when I'm laying down.
-Swelling: My feet and hands will start to swell if I've been running around all day.
-Insomnia: I'm waking up every 3ish/4 hours during the night. It's funny how before I had a baby it was really hard to get up in the middle of the night, but after you've had to do night feedings it becomes so much easier haha!
-Motion sickness: Ah. It was bad during my 1st trimester, I got a slight break during my 2nd trimester, but now I get pretty sick in the car if I'm not driving it. I can sit shotgun in bigger cars and it's not as bad. But there is NO way I can sit in the back or I feel like I'm literally gonna die. This is probably one of the weirdest symptoms I've had, just because I've never experienced motion sickness before.
-Fatigue: Not nearly as bad as my first trimester but it's there.
-Feeling "nesty": It might be a combination of us moving into our house this week but it's getting hard living out of two locations. Like there are random things that I miss, like my crockpot because it's been packed away since the winter!
-Pressure down there: I never really had this with Emmett. But 90% of the time if I sit down and then get up I feel a lot of pressure on my pelvic area. So much so that I have to walk a little bowed out haha!
-Braxton hicks: I am getting these all the time. I didn't get these much until I was about 37 weeks with Emmett, so this is a lot different to have them so early even though I know it's normal.

Weight Gain:
7 lbs in the past 6 weeks. So overall I've gained 17 lbs. Guess I'm making up for the weight I didn't gain in the beginning.

Sucks, haha but at least I'm not sick anymore. Being 33 weeks pregnant isn't very fun physically anyway so it's not like I have high sleeping expectations. But I've gotten a month break from my really bad allergies and cold so that has been fantastic!

Best Moments:
I feel her move constantly. I thought I used to feel Emmett move a lot, it's nothing compared to her! Haha! I remember with Emmett I used to have Wyatt's hand on my belly forever to try to feel little kicks here and there, but with baby sis you can pretty much feel her anytime your hand is on my belly. I've heard that you feel your 2nd babies more than your 1st because your uterus is already expanded so they have more room. I don't know how accurate that is but that could be a reason why.

Baked goods! When I was pregnant with Emmett and I wanted "bad foods" it was almost always candy and ice cream. But this time around I want cookies, cake, and bread! hahah! CARBS CARBS CARBS. I'm really packing on the lbs now ;)

Overall, I've been trying to prepare myself to not be as scared of labor as I was with Emmett. Emmett's pregnancy was virtually painless and I was pretty comfortable up until I was about 35 weeks along. Which made me feel like labor would be similar. I was too afraid to even think about labor and delivery because the unknown freaked me out too much. I avoided the topic as much as possible. I didn't any prenatal or birthing classes because I was too afraid to have any expectations of "how my labor and delivery should be". But now I have different insight. I know how different labor can be for everyone and no matter the outcome... that baby has to come out! haha! So, I've been reading books, taking classes, and doing anything I can to be more prepared and less afraid. It doesn't mean I plan on having a "natural" birth or not. But I want to be able to listen to my body and it's promptings so that I feel more confident this time around :)